A Book You Need to Preorder!

I've come out of blogger retirement, folks. It's that good. A fellow alumna and friend from way back when has written a book and I'm super pumped to be on the launch team!

Micah is a ray of sunshine, the type of woman you look up to. It can be so easy to be envious of the woman who seems to have it all together. What's her secret?? This secret isn't so deep or hard to attain for yourself. She reveals her weak with God and her thoughts about her personal relationship with an Almoghy God and friend.

As part of the launch team, I'll preview an early copy and report back to you my thoughts and an honest review.

Here's the description online:
Problems can make you feel like God is far away, but they can also be the very things that bring you closer to him.
Anchored In isn’t a book of Christian cliché’s or sweet stories to warm the heart but rather an authentic look at the hard parts of life.  It challenges us to stop running from and clinging to the past, and to grasp tightly to the only unshakable Anchor that is able to sustain our souls through the storms of life. 
Micah shares personal stories, such as her father’s abandonment of her family, and couples them with biblical application to offer real-life glimpses of God at work. She offers inspiration to live a life full of God’s power rather than one that causes us to turn away and be paralyzed by problems. 
Living anchored in God’s presence is a beautiful gift that few truly experience simply because they do not understand the key to God’s power – surrender. Or if they know to surrender, they do not know how to let go of the problems that consume their lives. Through simple, tangible steps learn to surrender in every season of life.
Hearing from God is not reserved for a chosen few, but rather promised to those who believe. If you are longing to experience God’s power in a deeper way, this is a journey for you.

Click that pic to preorder! 

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