Listy vonListenberg: My Office

The room I'm most excited about in our new house? My office! It's all mine muahahaha. I can't wait to make a sophisticated, grown-up, feminine space all my own.

Something a little like this.

I found a $35 mid-century desk badly in need of paint and painted it white. Her name is Riz. The green dresser pictured is the right color, but that's where the similarities end. I just got a campaign style kelly green Dexel upright dresser. I plan to take accessories from around the house to finish off the space since it is mostly functional.

The office supplies in the middle are Kate Spade because duh.

That chair will pull double duty in the office--functional seating, but visually not taking up much space in a relatively small room. The ghost chair with this rug! Love that combo.

It is SO FUN to create mood boards and dream! (Hubby, if you are looking at this, please know that we are not going to do this overnight. It will take years to make the house completely how I want it. And that's OK.)

How fun is this room?? I looooooove it and I'm so excited to get in there. Hurry up July :)

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