Thrifted & Collected Spring Tablescape

I used Easter as an excuse to buy pretty flowers for the table and living room. My local grocery store, Publix, has a beautiful selection of flowers for $4 each bouquet. I pick up a bunch every Saturday when I grocery shop. I was so excited to make a pretty table and then my MIL called to say she had to work. Ugh! We were so sad to not see grandma that day! 

The table was pretty for just the 4 of us and we had tons of leftovers, so that was nice!

Tutorial for sunburst mirror here. I'm not sure this mirror will survive the move!

Tutorial for vintage sewing table and nautical compass rose here. Still one of my favorite pieces.

This is real life in the living room. Never a dull moment! I have always said that boys are way more fun than girls! Ain't it the truth! Tutorial for the DIY mid-century minimalist wall clock here.

I'm really on a blue kick right now, and I LOVE blue glass. I've had these vases since before I was married! Hydrangeas are a current favorite because they last a solid 7 days without looking too bad...as long as I remember to change the water a couple of times. I feel like you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy full, large flowers too. So pretty!

Here is the tutorial for the DIY Console Table I built for the coffee bar. We use this everyday and it has freed up valuable counter space in the kitchen.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year here in Florida. I have been really antsy to visit the beach but spring breakers flood the area. Can't wait until that is over! I need to work on my tan haha.

Happy spring!

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