Pinterest + Shopping + Mood Boards = Polyvore

What do you do if you aren't sure what your style is? Maybe you want to try a new lamp or rug but you're not sure if it will work in your living room? I've got a fun, easy, FREE tool for you to test drive!

It's Polyvore and it's my new addiction. Polyvore is basically clipping images from websites and building a room or an outfit with those images. BUT the catch is that all of the items have a link and you can buy it!

I might be in trouble...a mid-century Moroccan modern living room.it's fun to play around with how rugs affect the vibe of a room. Bright and colorful? See how it looks. Neutral rug = calm, and relaxing. 

Here is a sophisticated dining room I couldn't resist building...that light fixture is amazing and brings the whole room up.

And then I kind of recreated my bedroom just for the fun of it...

So what do you think?? It's a valuable tool to use if you aren't sure how to decorate. I can play around with heavy side tables or feminine colors and see how it affects the overall feeling of a room. It's great for planning a makeover. Tag me in any rooms you make! Clearcutcrystal on Instagram


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