How We Paid off $50,000 in Debt: How to Save on Date Night

I've mentioned many times about our debt free journey and how it changed our lives, but who doesn't love a list of how to ACTUALLY implement saving money?? This list is what worked for our family in a time that we really needed to cut back and pay off debt. Many of these items may not work for you, but if you get even one idea from this list, my job here is done.


Just drive around and get intentionally lost. Try to find your way home again.

Buy sushi/special meal at the grocery store and eat on the beach.

Go for a walk on the beach at sunset. Or at the park/lake/river/nature preserve near you.

Do the most touristy thing you can think of in your home town.

Go for a long drive to another town. Find a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.

Ride go-carts. Play arcade games.

Play tennis outside.

Walk to a bookstore and browse. Better yet, a bookstore with a coffee shop.

Find free events in your area and check out something new.

Split a meal at a restaurant. (Why are the portions so big??!!)

Go out to a nice restaurant for just dessert. Share the richest thing you can find on the menu.

Make a gift. Not crafty? Pay a crafty friend to make something. My favorite way to help out a friend and buy a gift for someone I love.

Put the kids to bed and watch a movie with a snack.

Buy nicer food to eat at home, it keeps me from wanting to go out to eat.

Make a themed dinner at home. I found all the recipes for Chipotle and cooked everything. Yum. Now I want tacos and guacamole.

Make a special dinner for your significant other. Whatever is their fave.

Buy flowers for the dining room table. They cost $4 at Publix.

Try a new restaurant every time you go out.

Learn a lame card game together. Be competitive and make it super fun. Be loud.

Have any more ideas? We are always looking for something fun and cheap frugal to do!

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