How We Paid off $50,000 in Debt: How to Save on Kids

I've mentioned many times about our debt free journey and how it changed our lives, but who doesn't love a list of how to ACTUALLY implement saving money?? This list is what worked for our family in a time that we really needed to cut back and pay off debt. Many of these items may not work for you, but if you get even one idea from this list, my job here is done.


Borrow kid equipment like play mats, excer-saucer, swings, jumparoos, or baby wraps. You only need them for about 6 months and they take up space.

You don't really need as much stuff as Target wants you to think.

Try your best to breastfeed. My hospital had a lactation consultant for free. I struggled to produce and used both formula and breastfeeding.

Cloth diaper if you are brave.

Find consignment sales in your area. Mom2Mom is a favorite in Pensacola.

Watch YouTube and learn how to cut boys' hair. I used to cut their hair, but it's so blond and fine that you can see every cut line. Boo.

I only buy 9 outfits, 3 dress outfits, 4 pairs of shoes and some PJ's. They grow too fast, especially the first few years. This forces me to keep up with laundry too. Read more about how I deal with kids' clothes here. I would change these numbers a little if I had girls.

Buy clothing by the "lot" on eBay for kids.

Start a mom Facebook group to swap and pass down baby equipment, toys, books, clothing. One probably already exists. Ask around. I started one for the alumni/church/fellow employees in my area (I work at a college so it makes sense to us haha). We have hundreds of members.

If you ever have a question/concern, post it to the mom group. You'll get an answer within minutes.

Join or start a playgroup if you stay at home or work part-time.

Swap babysitting with another parent.

Sign up for the birthday club at Toys R Us. You get a $3 off of a $3 purchase coupon. Let the kid pick something small along with birthday money.

Learn where all the good parks are. Going outside is an instant mood boost.

Invest in outside toys, second-hand, of course.

Host a toy/book swap with other moms. Toys get old fast.

These are real-life examples of what we did to save money. Please let me know if I missed anything in the comments!

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