Finding a Home Step 2

Y'all we have found a realtor! The interview went really well and I think we hit it off. Then we met with a mortgage company to get pre-approved. This is a required step, but really important. We talked over how much we were comfortable with paying each month and how the closing process worked.

We were so over prepared and over informed that we really confused the poor guy. He asked us if were both first-borns. Like what? I am, but my husband is the middle child. HA! My hubby stated that he has read too many articles...and I was like...

Correction---My husband has read the entire internet!

We are getting so antsy to move that we keep searching for homes online. This is like window shopping but we have so much money saved that it's really dangerous. We both found a house we really like and we will hopefully be seeing it Thursday! This is a little ahead of schedule, but we let our lease lapse. Our rent has an additional $200 a month because we are "month-to-month". Eeeek! Get me out of here...

So, with our very conservative budget, we are liking this house:

It's so cute from the outside!

Here is my list of wants in order of importance:

1. Feel and location of the neighborhood.
2. Walkability of the neighborhood.
3. Near a green space of some sort--park, bike trail, etc.
4. Nice, fenced-in backyard for football and baseball practice.
5. Something outside for entertaining--deck or Florida room.
6. Garage with space for work bench and storage.
7. A functional kitchen that has storage and a pantry.

Notice a theme? We like to be outside. We like eating outside. With two active boys, we like to have them outside.

Say a little prayer for us on Thursday!


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