30 Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 1

This post could be titled "30 Ways to Keep Myself Distracted." I'm ready to move, baby!! (Rocky fist pump!)

I've been pinning away lately on Pinterest in order to get ready for TBM or The Big Move. There's some really good advice out there and this 30 day cleaning list is the best I found.

The plan is to complete the list way ahead of time, then go through the list again. I'm just cleaning this time around. The next phase will be to purge clutter and clean. Hopefully my house won't self-destruct before then...

So. On the first day I cleaned cleaned the microwave and oven, dishwasher & appliances, cleaned the kitchen sink and under the sink, wiped down walls and cleaned the garbage can, cleaned the stove top, kitchen counters, and the floor. I also cleaned the bathroom counters, mirrors, and floors.

I'm relieved to see that 3 of those things I do on a weekly basis. So there's that.

Happy cleaning,

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