My Favorite Thrift Stores in Pensacola

I've mentioned thrifting in Pensacola many times, but I thought you'd like to know where I go, what my personal hot spots are, and any tips I could share along the way. 

Blue Moon Antique Mall is a personal fave. I always find something! Ask about any sales or discounts that might be running. I always get tons of compliments on the nightstand in my master bedroom. There are a few booths that specialize in mid-century furniture and decor so I always hit those up first. I find Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and vintage pyrex there too.

Facebook groups can be a great source of good deals and very unusual items. Many people don't want the hassle of traditional selling methods and just want it gone. This is where I got the cedar trunk and the giant marquee letter (post coming soon!). Brad, the owner of Porch Sales Antique & Finds, is also the admin for my favorite Facebook group. He has many cool, vintage pieces as part of his porch sale, but he also repurposes old furniture which means you don't have to! If you love thrifting, but don't like the work of refinishing, check it out.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is right between my kids' school and home, so I am there all the time. I got the mid-century sewing table, curved-back chairs, and the solid brass boat propeller there. If you are looking for vintage door knobs, drawer pulls, doors, or light fixtures, they have it all. I check the chandeliers every single time I go. While ReStore may lack in size, they more than make up for it in quality. Doors, windows, and old architectural pieces call out for repurposing.

Rusty Relic is a favorite because it has lots and LOTS of furniture. There are so many nooks and crannies to poke through, which makes you feel like you are on a treasure hunt. I was thrilled to find a fantastic collection of starfish, sand dollars, and sea shells as well. Summer project alert! Check back often because the store looks different every time I visit.

I just discovered Franklin Antique Mall & Flea Market awhile ago. It looks small on the outside, but the inside is huge. There's a ton of furniture, but I was feeling broke since it's right next to the car repair shop (sad face). I need to go back after the move.

Craiglist--although it's like searching for a needle in a haystack. The average Joe isn't going to label their items with words like mid-century or art deco. You really have to look at every pic. And what's up with people who post items without pics??? I found the mid-century dresser turned entertainment center here. This takes time and lots of searching. Set up alerts through the mobile app.

Pensacola is home to the largest antique mall in all of Florida. And I get to live here!! Miles Antique Mall offers something for everyone. Wandering the aisles, you may come upon mid-century, shabby-chic, art deco, or brand new handmade pieces. With over 65,000 square feet and 500 vendors, it takes quite awhile to see everything. Be sure to hit up the complimentary snacks and drinks at the front. You'll need it while scoring a unique brass figurine or that vintage book to add to your collection. (Here's looking at you Hardy Boys!) #antiqueonfleek

I usually find vintage Pyrex here and the occasional CatherineHolm.

On my radar, but still need to visit:
Pensacola Thrift--Judging from their Facebook page, they have a wide variety of furniture and decor items. I really need to check it out.

Happy Thrifting!

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