Sidetable & Lamp Revival

My friend wanted to salvage her yard sale find and turned to me for help. I thought the side table had good lines and she agreed.

She literally texted me to pick whatever paint that was sunny yellow. I stood in the paint aisle and sent her pics, waiting for a response.

I brought all my supplies over because she had nothing. I LOVE that she is not afraid of color at all!

Just look at all those delicious nooks and crannies!

While I was there, I noticed her lamps and asked her if she was keeping or selling. She said definitely selling. The lamps were heavy, solid brass, and pretty ugly. BUT they had majorly cool swinging arms.

They were pretty scary before, but I love her choice of white chalk paint!

When she moves (inserting crying emoji face here), I can't wait to see it all put together! She is thinking gray couches, light gray walls, yellow tables, white accessories. Hopefully, I will get to visit her or I can bribe her to send pics!

Paint all the things,

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