Isn't Your Thing Vintage Thrifting? Why Do You Like IKEA?

Sometimes I think too much. Like I can imagine people saying, Isn't your thing thrifting? Why do you like IKEA so much? And here's the thing. I couldn't really put my finger on it for awhile. I generally shy away from cookie-cutter. I like the "collected over time, vintage, flea market, unusual and quirky look". And I can't really get that at the big box stores. So here we go...

This is why I fan-girl every time I enter IKEA:

1. Affordability = let's just be super honest here. Budget always wins, am I right or am I right? Sometimes this backfires into, "Of course I need 7 lanterns! Yes, I need a candle in every color. That rug is how much?! I'll take 4."

2. Foreign appeal. IKEA stands out from the crowd. Clean, simple, modern. The store embodies the Scandinavian look that many people crave-bright, white, uncluttered. Many of us embrace the longing for simplification. I wouldn't call my personal style purely Scandinavian, but I ALWAYS find something I like. Much to my husband's chagrin.

3. Adaptability. Many of the items IKEA sells are unfinished, leaving the purchaser to create a look completely unique from others who may purchase. The transformation is sometimes unrecognizable from the original. Nobody creative wants their living room to look like they purchased the showroom.

4. Mixing old with new. If every single item in my home was vintage/granny it would feel like I was walking into a thrift store. It's all about balance with me. That's my thing. The contrast between young/fun with vintage/classic is so me.

This post was eye-opening to write because I think I can define my personal style a little better now. This journey of decorating my apartment on a major budget has really forced me to focus on what's most important. I'm really grateful for the experience. And IKEA <3

Happy creating,

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