How I Organize My Kids' Clothing...and Keep it Organized!

 I love kids clothes. I love shopping for them, I love dressing my kids up, and I love keeping them organized. I'm pretty passionate about it. 

First, how I shop. I shop a season ahead on clearance. My top 3 shopping destinations are a local consignment sale, Crazy 8 sales, and eBay.

1. Mom2Mom is a local consignment sale held twice a year. The prices are a bit high because the owner takes 30%, so I usually hit dress clothes, PJ's, and jeans. Those are usually higher priced in the stores, so are a better deal second-hand. They have truck loads of toys, books, and furniture, but now that my kids are older, I try not to bring too much home.

2. Crazy 8--one of my favorite children's stores. I save the coupons for Black Friday and then score big on clearance. I usually get lots of summer clothes at this time. Yeah, I shop ahead. Way ahead.

3. eBay--I can usually find Gymboree clothes in excellent condition for $1-$2 per item. I like to buy in a "lot" instead of buying singular items. You save big time on shipping that way. You have to check everyday and dedicate a little time to searching. BUT, you get to search in your PJ's from your couch. Much easier than loading up kids or dragging a husband to the mall.

Each kid has a side of the closet and each section is organized by function.

By hanging almost everything, and only keeping 9 shirts and pants, we have just enough. I do laundry every Thursday, so I have to do laundry. **A minimalist wardrobe forces us to keep up with laundry.** It's like magic.

Here's my secret, life-changing advice to organizing, then staying organized. Ready for it? If you feel overwhelmed, you probably have too much stuff.

I know, it was hard for me too. Maybe I need another one just in case. What if? What if we all get sick and then we have no clothes? Guess what? I do laundry anyway. That's what moms do. (Whew, I'm glad that's over. Sounding preachy, much?)

There are a few tips I have up my sleeves.

The basket for too small clothes was a game changer. How many times do you reach past that too small shirt to get to your fave tee? Or are there pants that just doesn't fit right? Why keep it in the closet? All that goes in the basket is for donation or for the next kid.

We have a laundry basket in every bedroom and one in the hallway. It helps...a little. I still find clothes right next to the laundry basket. All. The. Time. We're getting there.

Life changing advice (for me): If you are struggling to keep things organized or have things spilling out of drawers, you don't need to go buy another plastic organizer. You have too much stuff.

Hard truth, huh?

But I don't have enough closet space!

I hear ya, girl. (Or guy, I suppose.)

I have lived in apartments my entire life. I don't even have a linen closet. I get it.

But you have to live in the space you have. Think of your dresser as one big container. And the lid has to close. I talk more about CONTAIN-ers here.

The other kid has a mirror image set-up:

The hanging closet organizer is a favorite tool of mine. I tend to put items that need to be accessed on a semi-regular basis here. The more you have to dig out, lug down, or store, the more mess you make. It can be a pain to put away and it just...stays out. Stubbing your toe frequently? Evaluate the room. Your toes will thank you.

Happy organizing,

P.S. The dresser in the closet. I like it in there because if frees up valuable floor space. There are hot wheels to race.


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