Comparison: The Greatest Stealer of Joy

I've been struggling for quite awhile to assign words to my feelings.

Usually the words pour out, and while I do go through periods of mental block, there was something there I couldn't quite explain.


Social media has caused me to lose perspective. It is so easy to look through all the beautiful homes and beautiful women online and think, "Wow. She is so beautiful. If only I had her ____." or to think, "Maybe I need to put a little more ____ into my home because that's what's hot right now."


But I can never look like her. I can only be authentically me. I can't be as good as her. She is amazing at her one thing, and I'm good at my one thing. Comparing the two will never bring happiness.

Why do we do this to ourselves??


I need to get back to what I love. What I'm good at and what makes me, me.

The tagline for my blog is "Making ugly things beautiful again is my passion. Follow me as I thrift, DIY, and paint my way to a better home. I'm addicted to the transformation!"

I need a little more of that passion back in my life.

So stick with me. This summer and winter should be awesome! We'll be moving into our first home and I'll have a deliciously blank slate to work with!


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