Trend Watch: Hot Cocoa Station

I'm popping in between all of the holiday festivities, and let's face it, laziness and major sleeping, to show you a trend I am totally in love with! A hot cocoa station, which is genius, because who can say no to more chocolate or coffee or chocolate and coffee together??

Of course, I already posted about my coffee bar in this post: Glam Christmas Coffee Bar, but I wanted to show you some other drool-worthy pics as well. And honestly, you really just need a corner or a side table to set up your own. This is to get the gears running.

Here's mine to recap:

   <-----Pin that!

 Here are some of my fave's from around the web:

I, for one, will always vote for more coffee and more chocolate! Please post a pic and tag me in on Instagram clearcutcrystal if you are feeling inspired. I love looking at eye candy on my fave form of social media.

Happy decorating, 

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