Impossibly Easy Ornament...Using Only a Printer??

Total cost $1.67 for realz

About 16 years ago...no joke...I made these ornaments for everyone I knew. They made several people tear up and everyone raved about them.I had asked in advance for family pictures that held meaning or vintage pictures of great great grandparents. I want to say that my grandma saw this on HGTV and told me how to make them. I really don't remember.

The only problem? I made them with glass and I don't know of many that are still around...sad face.

This is the project of your dreams because it's seriously cheap, required few supplies, and the recipient will love it!

Supplies List:
Inkjet printer transparency (check what printer you have!) $0.50
clear plastic ornament-purchased at JoAnn's as a doorbuster 60% off $1.17

Seriously! That's it! I sell transparencies individually at my store and you may not have that in your area. It looks like you have to buy it 50/pack on Amazon here or at Staples here or Office Depot here. This would be great to split among friends.

Worst picture ever, but it was really late and it's real life.

I measured the width and height of the bulb and added about 1/2" to that (you need it to be bigger so it doesn't shift around), loaded my pic into Microsoft Word and printed. I tried just printing the picture, but it printed on the entire page! Way too big. Once it's printed, roll it up and pop it into the bulb. You can use a pencil to straighten or move the pic how you need it. I'm thinking that a landscape pic would fit the ornament better than portrait orientation, but it would probably work.

I can see grandma's tree loaded with pics of her grand babies! How cute would that be??

Merry Christmas and happy crafting,

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