Glam Christmas Coffee Bar

I'm calling this my Glam Christmas Coffee Bar. It makes me so happy. Black and white and gold and brass and basically I need to party all Christmas because it's so festive in here now.

You guys. I may have to take out a loan to find pretty, glam storage boxes. I have been to 4 stores and nothing is like the picture in my mind. Ugh. Don't tell my husband m'kay? If you missed the DIY console post, click here. The no-sew tree skirt tutorial is here. I might have to share a house tour soon.

I found most everything at Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or IKEA. Source list below. The cake stand on the far left is actually a stand with a mirror hot glued together. I couldn't find a cake stand in the whole place I liked. Home Goods was a treasure trove of cake stands.

Please be kind, oh internet, because this was my first time ever chalking a design. My son saw me drawing and said, "Oh, mommy, you are such a good artist!" This is the kid who tells you straight up how it is, so I take that as a real compliment. <insert laughing emoji here>

He did critique my cursive though. He cracks me up. It says, "Life is too short for bad coffee."

 Happy Decorating,

gold tray-Target
polka dot paper straws-Target
deer salt & pepper shakers-Target

cream & sugar pitchers-Home Goods

"have your cake" cake stand-Home Goods

mirror "cake stand"-Hobby Lobby
cute glass jar with spoon-Hobby Lobby
chalkboard-Hobby Lobby

marble tile-from the "free" bin at my local tile place
pine cones-from my backyard

berries-Dollar Tree
glass jar with silver lid-IKEA

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