Christmas 2015 House Tour

I like being in the holiday spirit for as long as possible, which means busting out the tree before Thanksgiving <gasp> and leaving out the decor longer than socially acceptable.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen sneak peeks all month long of my super cheerful home. Here is a round-up of all the pics in one spot. My goal is always cheerful and cozy. I hope you enjoy the view and maybe even get inspired a little.

My love for red and gold makes decorating for Christmas easy. Gold all the things. And spray paint them gold if they aren't gold. The rest of it should be red.

Red polka dots!!! I love you, corner of my dining room.

The tutorial for the DIY no-sew tree skirt is here. That ornament is scrumptious.

 That wrapping paper is ah-mazing. Target sells it too. It's called faux bois gold foil wrapping paper. My, my, aren't we fancy?

My Rae Dunn collection that should not be hidden. Guests can choose whatever mug they are feeling at the moment. Which can be used at the new coffee bar.

The kid love being able to make their own hot chocolate. Try adding a packet of hot cocoa to a cup of coffee. Legit. Too legit to quit. What does that even mean? I'll just leave that question there.

So traditional. I feel so grown-up. Not sure how I feel about that tablecloth. It's too serious or preppy or something. What do you think?

The desk is usually covered with paper clutter. I still fight battle. I usually lose.

This little spot is peaceful at least. What is this fascination I have with brass deer? Somebody had to say it.
Switching to Christmasy flowers makes such a difference. Maybe someday I'll be fancy and use real flowers. This is not that day.

I was using the "Nice" side of the mug that night. Or I was taking a pic. Either way. The other side says "Naughty".


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