It Doesn't Cost a Dime

Do you ever find yourself looking at your home and feeling completely unsatisfied? Do you focus on that one piece of furniture that you hate while missing all the good stuff?

I used to find myself looking at my living room and just feeling like something was off. 

I'm pretty satisfied with most of the rooms in my house after a couple years of dedicated DIY-ing and thrifting, but something seemed missing. My living room stressed me out. I was always picking up, rearranging, or buying new decor. I mentioned in this post that the key to de-stressing was to un-decorate. It's been a few weeks now and I can say this is the key to a peaceful, relaxing home.

And it doesn't even cost a dime. 

I worked like a mad lady in the kitchen and asked myself the one question from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It has changed how I approach everything in my home. This one question changes EVERYTHING.

Does it spark joy?

I held each item in my hand and asked myself that question. NOT these questions:

Is this item still useful?
Was this item a gift?
Did I spend a lot of money on this item?

Here are a few before and after's in my kitchen:

Here is the cabinet where things go to die. It's deceptively long and narrow.

One whole bag of trash came out of here...

Less stuff equals less time searching for things.

Less stuff equals less chaos in your home.

Less stuff equals less stress.

Less stuff equals less time cleaning, arranging, and taking care of things.

I filled 3 garbage bags full of things we no longer, want, need, or use. The room felt immediately lighter. I could open cabinets and had everything I use at my fingertips. The cabinets also got a little wipe down and I cleaned a few things that were dusty or dripped on from cooking. The whole time I was thinking about how I should do this to every closet and corner of this apartment!

When we move into our first house in the spring, I will have so much less to pack up! That thought alone is propelling me forward to work on a section at a time until the spring.

Happy organizing!


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