Vintage Superhero Room, Updated Post

When I was writing the post for my son's room, Budget Friendly Vintage Superhero Room, I really hadn't finished the room. It was done, but it wasn't. Well, here is an update.

I found a local guy to make me some arrows, and he delivered in a big way. I described what I wanted and he made it exactly. His Facebook page is Knotty Bits Restoration and he's located in Pace, FL. I really needed something above the kid table.  

How legit are these arrows??!!  Pallet wood is hott right now. Everybody's doing it. I'm not much of a trend follower, but I love these arrows.

 And just because you need to see it from another angle...

The awesome Captain America Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign is from Amazon. It was only $8.57 when I purchased it, but prices fluctuate a lot.

The Little Golden books were an Amazon purchase, too. The link is here: The Courageous Captain America.

I feel like this room is another step closer to the awesome pic of what I want in my head. I just need a rug and a bed frame to make it complete. Knotty Bits might make a bed frame for me, I'm on the fence about some things. And hey, look, you can buy a pallet wood arrow on Amazon.
I was thinking about getting a natural fiber rug and painting it with paint. Vintage Revivals has a tutorial that I want to try. Yeah, you can do that. You just buy fabric medium and mix it into the paint. I've never done it, but that's never stopped me before. HA!

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