Mid-Century Moroccan Modern

The living room has been the most difficult room to decorate by far. I've been torn by indecision every step of the way. I was attracted to a few different styles and felt they competed and didn't tie together. The bedrooms were SO EASY. I found my inspiration piece and took off running.

Reasons my living room stinks:

1. The room faces north, which means it gets very little light. Apparently, it's the hardest room to decorate. Brittany Makes talks about this here. It made So. Much. Sense. 

2. No overhead lighting. The only light sources are the lamps.

3. The room serves as a living room, office, dining room, playroom combo. 

4. Many, many doors.

P.S. I love the app Magic Plan.

I've checked Craigslist 952 times for a dining set. I eventually decided to get a large farmhouse style one made after we move. So I'm in the midst of refinishing my current one to keep me from buying something like this. Heehee.

And then I saw a pin by Mandi at Vintage Revivals. It all clicked. Mid-Century Moroccan Modern

How good is this room?? I love the bold colors, rustic feel, dark woods, and the metal details. Perfect.

I feel like I've been working on this room for yeeeeears....here are some pics of what it currently looks like.

 The room has been fussed with over and over, but I feel like it's finally coming together.

The only problem now? I keep obsessing over Kilim Rug choices. Or pillows.

You can never have enough pillows.


As of Oct. 2015, this is my all-time most popular post. Are others struggling with problem rooms? I gotta think, yes! We all have that room that we just don't know what direction to take.

My living room was a moody teenager coming to age and trying to find itself in a confusing world with too many options. (Thank you, Pinterest!)

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