Vintage Kate Spade Inspired Master Bedroom on a Budget

I thought that a great way to kick off the old blog would be a house tour. This will be a great way to introduce myself through design...and to see how che frugal I am. My Pinterest board made planning a breeze.

I'm starting with the master because it's pretty much done and it's my favorite room in the house. It's also the room guests are least likely to see, so, you know, I just leave the door open now. Like, does anyone want to use my bathroom? It's right down this hallway here. Oh, that old room? Why, thank you...Or at least that's how the conversation in my head would go. Anyone else do that?

This room was dark, unorganized, cluttered, and frankly depressing. NOT a master retreat. I wanted to erase the cave look we had going on. The black & white plate from IKEA kind of inspired the whole room. I call it Vintage Kate Spade Inspired. Totally me. Completely 100% awesome.

Anyway...who doesn't like a good before & after?

Truly embarrassing, right? Like why would you even post that on the internet? Here's another for good measure.

I forgot to take before pics until this point so this is what you get. Half torn apart room.

Ah, that's better. 16x20 canvas art made with DIY'd Mod Podge using simple school glue.

This room took for-eva because I get a set <ahem, small> amount each month for decorating. We are saving for a house full throttle. Can't stop, won't stop. Paint is your best friend in these situations. Like PAINT ALL THE THINGS. I'm going to do some simple tutorials and go into further details in later posts, but for now, suffice it to say almost nothing went untouched.

Source list/DIY list:

Curtains from Target $30ish

I sewed the duvet cover with a sheet set from Target, using this tutorial. I googled the best time to buy bedding and the "White Sale" is a thing that happens every January. Who knew.  Google coupons, sign up for the Red Card (not a credit card, it's linked to your debit card), and shops sales. $50

Duvet insert from IKEA. Super light weight, an absolute must have in the hot south. $7.99

Paint, so much paint, and supplies all came from Home Depot. $50ish

Bold black & white striped pillow covers and plate IKEA $5 each

I sewed the yellow maze pillow shams using the genius "envelope style" tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

The trunk is worthy of it's own post. It was a steal for $50 off a Facebook group and provides much needed storage for linens and extra blankets. A new cedar chest would cost much, much more.

The little tchatchkes I mostly stole from my living room and now I need to decorate my living room.

Paint all the things,

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