Those Jones Though

As a new blogger it can be easy to look around at the successful bloggers and be a little envious...okay, so maybe a LOT envious.

I mean, LOOK at these walls...fabric applied directly to the wall. Just think of the doors this opens.

This wood feature is so fantastic that Target copied the room EXACTLY and didn't give any cred.

As a renter, I dream of walls being knocked down, old faucets being replaced, and carpet being ripped out. My husband thinks we shouldn't make any huge furniture purchases until we are in a house. This makes complete sense. I also hesitate to buy any rugs until I know the future space they will live in.

So. I am left with paint and textiles. And thrifted furniture. I actually enjoy the challenge, and I know most of what I am doing now could be resold for a profit later.

Those Jones, though. They have nice backyards and painted walls and hardwood floors. In about one year, we will have our own place. No walls are safe, my friends. And there will be paint.

Paint all the things,

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