What to DO When God Says Wait

Mr. ClearCut and I were talking about life and how excited we are to FINALLY move into our new house, when he said something that blew me away, "I feel like I've been living temporarily for years now."

I've actually had this thought many times in the last couple years. We never fully embraced our apartment, never really decorated until recently. We lived in a temporary world. Someday we will have a house, someday we will put down roots, someday we will...and so on.

We lived in "after the house" world. I joked with my husband that we lived in this rosy world where all of our troubles would be over "after the house".

After the house we will have parties. After the house we will buy that (insert something we should probably buy, but we are being way too frugal right now). We will take that trip "after the house".

But you know what? I'm kind of proud of us for having HUGE goals, dreaming for the future, and then executing those goals with laser-focused intensity!  We did it, baby! It's very emotional for both of us.

Delaying pleasure for future gain = being an actual grown-up.  :)

This memory came up on Facebook on June 11 and I just had to share it. My heart was so full that day. It's a beautiful story that I had to share again.

The Lord wishes to give us good things, all we have to do is ask. And wait. That's the hard part; waiting is so...inactive. Passive. Weak. But so much of that waiting is trusting; actively trusting in something, or should I say Someone, that is bigger than yourself. You see, I like to plan ahead, be in control, know what is going on. Not one of those things is waiting, though. God has shown me over time that waiting and trusting is at the very core of the Christian life.
I have so many examples of what God has done in my life, but I will share just 3 stories with you. These 3 stories exemplify what God is: giving, bountifully generous, and loving. Maybe you will see how God provided for our needs in His perfect timing.
After our first son was born, I decided that we needed to move. One bedroom and a newborn wasn't cutting it. Sleep eluded me almost every night. I looked online for houses to rent in the area, but gave up the search in despair. We simply couldn't afford it. I prayed that God would drop a house in my lap, but He didn't. Months passed by. I resigned to a two bedroom in the same complex and asked for a tour. They showed me a unit and I wasn't pleased. Barely more space for $300 more a month? No, thank you. Months passed by again. I decided that since a three bedroom was only $100 more a month than a two bedroom, why not? I asked for another tour. The property manager said, “I am so glad you asked! We only have one unit left. It's on the ground floor. And since the economy is doing so badly, we slashed all the rates, so you should be happy about the price. ”

I ended up only paying $100 more a month for double the square footage, being on ground floor, a dining room, another bathroom, washer/dryer hookup, and a bigger kitchen. My son was 18 months old at the time. Waiting on God sure did pay off.
I believe that deciding to become debt free (Dave Ramsey plug!) and faithfully tithing has had a direct impact on our response to hardship. So, do you think that we went out and bought the biggest, best, top-of-the-line washer & dryer on credit? No. We decided to wait and continue using the laundry mat.

Until one day at work I was eating lunch and heard a voice behind me, “Anyone need a washer and dryer?”
It was a member of the church staff asking around the dining hall. I walked over to his table and said, “I do! Pick me!” I knew him well and jumped at the offer. He picked up his phone and started dialing. “Here you go.” He handed the phone to me.
I could hear it ringing. “Hello?”
“Um, hi. This is Crystal and I heard you have a washer and dryer for sale?”
“Hi, Crystal. I just bought a house and I have a nicer set than the house came with. Do you want a free washer and dryer?”
He delivered the washer and dryer to me happily. For FREE. It was a large capacity, quiet series Maytag matching set. God is so good.

A couple of years go by and I'm sitting in my living room depressed. Money was a little tight. Shortly after coming back to work, I got the flu and some sort of virus and missed 6 days of work unpaid. Maternity leave had wiped out my sick time. We had saved and planned for maternity leave, but not for this. Naturally we had to use up our emergency fund to cover the shortfall in the budget—which meant next month we had to replenish the emergency fund. Again. It seemed like we couldn't ever catch a break! I didn't pray about it, but I should have.

Months later, feeling convicted, I prayed, “Dear Lord, please give us the discipline to save the money and please provide the right car at the right time.”
I looked up and saw the painting on my dining room wall. The painting I had jokingly offered to a customer at my store. Because the painting wasn't being produced anymore, he was interested in buying it for far more than it was worth. I figured I would give him a call. He remembered me and said, “Did you have a number in mind?”
“Well, how about $300?”
“Is that enough?”
I was used to people talking me down, but never talking me up. It caught me off guard. I didn't know what to say. “Well, I didn't mention before that it was signed by the artist. How does $400 sound?”
“Do you really want to sell the painting?” he asked me.
What was with this guy? I stammered a response, “Well, not really. To be honest, I need a new car. Ours is in really bad shape.”
“How much would it take to fix your car?”
“How much would it take?”
I wasn't sure how to respond. “You don't want to know. It's been stalling out on us. It's a piece of junk. You really caught me off guard the last time we talked; I was only kidding about the $500 offer. I wouldn't feel right about taking that much for a painting. It seems like it's too much.”
“I tell you what I'm gonna do. Let me get a pen.” I could hear him walking into his house. “What is your address?”
I told him my address with some reservation. Was this guy for real?

“Now I want you to take the $500. The Lord has laid it on my heart that you need this money.” His tone left no room for argument.
“Sir, I can't take that money. It's too much.” My voice was a little strangled with emotion.
“You are going to take the money. You're not going to argue. I have money. A lot of it. The Lord has laid this on my heart. I want you to take the money. And I want you to keep the painting.” I couldn't speak for emotion. I was so shocked that I couldn't form intelligent sentences.
“Are you there?” he asked.
“Yes, thank you so much. I don't know what to say.” My voice cracked a little.
“Just thank God for what He has done for you.”

Even then I didn't get my hopes up. How many other times had I been disappointed by people? The story seemed unbelievable.
But the check came to me 3 short days later. And I haven't been the same since. I felt like God was teaching me a lesson that I just had to share with the world. God is good and He will take care of you!

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