We Bought a House!

Break out the maracas, people, we bought a house! You guys. This has been a trip through adult-hood I'm glad I won't have to take often. We have been house hunting during the busiest time of year at work. We had 2 kids on 2 different baseball teams, and life was CRAY-ZEE.

These pics are from the online listing with all the previous owner's belonging inside.

Any ideas on how to spruce this up???

If you remember my list of wants in my last post, these were the most important things in order of importance:

1. Feel and location of the neighborhood.
2. Walkability of the neighborhood.
3. Near a green space of some sort--park, bike trail, etc.
4. Nice, fenced-in backyard for football and baseball practice.
5. Something outside for entertaining--deck or Florida room.
6. Garage with space for work bench and storage.
7. A functional kitchen that has storage and a pantry.

Of course, we had to compromise on some of this, but I believe we got most of our wants. It was pretty important to Mr. ClearCut that the house be newer. He was concerned about insurance and hurricanes and you know, grown-up stuff.  I just wanted something pretty in the woods. The more character the better. Hurricanes, Schmurricanes.

FOUR TIMES, we wanted a house and it sold before we could see it. FOUR TIMES. Seller's markets are awful. We didn't get the house I mentioned in the last post. It kind of broke our hearts a little. We started getting very discouraged and we were pretty grim after awhile.

But we found our house the very next round! I got all dramatic and bam! we found it.

The outside isn't all that great to look at, but the inside holds promise. We actually met the owners during the home inspection...AWKWARD...but they were very sweet. The lady, who loves bold colors in every room of the house, said that they were moving to be closer to their kids in south Florida. And of course, the grand babies.

I love a good story. She seemed sad to be leaving, but excited for the future. They had the house built in 1991 and they were the only owners. The home inspector said that he had never seen a list so short. As in, no problems. Mr. ClearCut was thrilled. It's all about the Benjamins with this guy.

I wish it wasn't in such good shape so I could justify fixing it up a little. You know, put my stamp on it.

What's up in your world? Anyone else moving? Save me some boxes, mmmkay?

That backyard, though. One of the reasons we bought the house.

#sorrynotsorry for all the lazy screen shots. It's been that kind of month. Or Year. Whatever.


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  1. Congratulations on getting your new home! You must've been frustrated all the times you wanted to look at a home and it sold. The interior of the home looks great, and the backyard is huge! It's rare for people to get everything they want in a home, and it looks like you were able to get most of your wishes!