Listy vonListenberg: Deciding Living Room Rug & Paint Colors

On the ol' list for the house, the living room is not that complicated.

But it kinda is complicated. Doors and windows and walkways. EVERY WALL has something going on...

It's one of those rooms, where you just kind of have to play with the layout until it feels right.
This rug!!!! is one of the last pieces to the puzzle of my living room. I needed something with blue and orange, geometric, and lots of color but not something you would see in your grandmother's living room. I think this will hide all the stains well. That's not what you look for in a rug? Yeah, me neither.

I'm keeping most of the furniture and my huge brown leather sectional. But with freshly painted walls, a new rug, and a new layout, I'm thinking it will all feel fresh.

Here are some paint colors I am thinking about. I painted a poster board with some sample pots I picked up.

Top Left: Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray
Top Right: Ben Moore November Sky
Bottom: Ben Moore Smoke

I'm kinda paralyzed right now on paint colors. I've never painted a whole room myself! I paint, refinish, or build furniture...somebody help haha.

I kind of LOVE the bottom color Smoke. It's just blue enough, just green enough, just gray enough. PERFECT.

So here's what I'm thinking:

Paint the living room, formal dining, and hallway Smoke.
Paint the master bedroom & bathroom, boy's room, my office Coventry Gray.
The Master Bedroom will have an accent wall of some sort.
Possibly leave the kitchen and breakfast nook alone, with future plans to knock down the wall dividing the breakfast nook and formal dining room.

It's just paint, right??!! Any suggestions on how to pick paint colors??


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