A Chair of Another Color

So I'm a thrifting failure when it comes to a dining table and chairs. We had one set given to us (ugly), one set from Craiglist (ugly), and one set bought from Kmart. Yes, you heard that right, Kmart. It's solid wood and simple lines, so I bought it. It made hubby happy. It was functional.

I just could not bring myself to buy a nice table until we got a house. Kind of like we were living temporarily.

The table has gone through a few makeovers, leaving me never satisfied with the end results. It was painted white to over compensate for my poorly lit dining/living room combo we got going on. Meh is how I felt about it.

My favorite thing to do with the table is cover it up. You can see that here in my spring home tour.

For some reason I never did anything with the chairs. I wiped them down a million times, but that's about it.

When I picked up a couple paint samples, I decided to use the paint on the chairs just for fun. They were past embarrassing. The colors below are pretty strong contenders for the new house. I blather on about paint colors here.

Whomp. Whomp. Can you see the chair seat isn't flat? It was made with a butt impression. Like, why? Way to go Kmart.

Supplies used:
Angle Paintbrush
HANDy Paint Cup
KILZ 1-gal. Primer
Sandpaper, Very Fine Grit
Random Orbit Sander
Minwax Satin Polycrylic Protective Finishes

I first gave the chairs a bath with Dawn and warm water, letting dry in the sunshine for an hour. I used a scrubby sponge, because I was painting them. I wouldn't recommend that if you were just cleaning. Then I sanded those puppies within an inch of their lives. The finish came off so easily, that I don't think it was stained. It's like they were coated. Maybe that's why the finish didn't last.
I painted the chairs with 2 coats of Kilz to protect the poor things from all the scrubbings they are going to get, drying for an hour each time. I sanded any drips I may have missed, and painted with 2 coats of paint. After that, the chairs were given 2 coats polycrylic to further protect. They will wipe down very easily now. My 5 year old + spaghetti night = oh, the horrors.

Sorry if my linoleum isn't exciting enough for you. It's a rental kitchen. I'm upgrading to laminate hardwood pretty soon, baby! We're pretty fancy around here if you haven't noticed.
Wow. I am so distract-able. And sensitive, I guess. So the colors you are seeing above are (clockwise) Coventry Gray, November Sky, and Smoke. (Smoke is my fave. It's blue/green/gray and I love it so.) It's pretty washed out here.
It's hard for me to imagine an entire room with Smoke. It looks white to me right now. Hmmmm. I need my rug to show up so I can hold my paint chip next to it. And hem and haw a little. (What does that even mean?)
What do you think?? My chairs are a little pastel for my taste, but it's a huge improvement from what we had. It's just paint right??
Paint all the things,

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