Finding a Home Step 1

So here we are. You guys, in this month away from blogging, I've had 100's of people visit my blog, so I gotta be doing something right! (Thank you, Pinterest traffic.)

I gotta tell ya, this past month has been rough. But I just came back to the fact that I love DIY, I love thrifting, and I love making my house a home. I love it so much that I want to share it with all of you. I just gotta go with my gut on this. In the last month, I've been carting kids around to t-ball practices and games and working a full-time job. But I didn't come here to whine (all lies) and I'm keeping my chin up.

We are almost done saving for a house! We are shooting for this summer. Someone please buy me this I'm Like 104 % Tired T-shirt. I laughed for like 4 minutes when I saw this shirt, not gonna lie. Maybe I should go to bed...


My Favorite Thrift Stores in Pensacola

I've mentioned thrifting in Pensacola many times, but I thought you'd like to know where I go, what my personal hot spots are, and any tips I could share along the way. 


Somebody Cares About Me

Sometimes life is hard, you know? And nobody said it was easy, but that doesn't make it any better.

And you get a bill in the mail from the oral surgeon 10 MONTHS after your surgery for almost $900.