Wedding Dress Upcycle: Slouchy Leather Bag

Now that I've got a few legit sewing projects done (and, to be honest, those projects were a much needed refresher course from 7th grade Home Ec.), I completed this project with no help from the ol' internet. This all came from my noggin.

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I got super inspired after looking at leather or "pleather" tutorials on Pinterest and thought that it would be nice to make a purse that I would actually use on a semi-regular basis. I fell in love with the camel vinyl and it looked FANTASTIC next to the creamy-ness of my wedding satin-y goodness.

When I started out, I was just going to make a slouchy bag, but I thought why not make something crazy good?? Something I would love to wear. And then the project got bigger and bigger...Here's the cut list:

(2) 11.5 x 8" leather
(2) 3.5 x 8.5" leather
(1) 11.5x3.5" leather

middle section:
(2) 11.5 x 3" satin
(2) 3.5 x 3" satin

top section:
repeat middle section

leather piping:
3" x measure perimeter (top of bag)
fold over and stitch inside out, then turn right side out

Inner Lining:
(2) 11.5 x 13"
(2) 13 x 3.5"
(1) 3.75 x 8.25"

(1) 3 x 36"
I pieced the handle together because I only bought 12" of vinyl. I ran out toward the end...
(1) 3 x 36" in contrasting fabric if that floats your boat, or just cut (2) of 3 x 36"
Stitch contrasting fabrics together, then turn right side out

When you piece everything together, make you back stitch EVERYTHING. I am very abusive towards my purses, they get used hard. So I stitched twice over many of the pieces.

I cut up an old cross-body bag to get the metal hardware. To make my bag extra awesome.

I did look online, but there is hardly anything that I could find for purse making. Not a lot of people making purses out there...I did fine some wristlet straps on Etsy. The few I found on Amazon seemed to be of poor quality.

I don't have many pics of the process because I think my son deleted the few I took...hmmmph. 

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, please leave a comment here and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Happy sewing,

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