Trend Watch: Colorful Vintage Book Collections

Trend Watch: Rainbow books and where to buy them...

I'm a huge fan of color. Pops of red, orange, and yellow are everywhere in my home. Why not add rainbow books to the mix??

My favorite way to organize books is by color. They just look so appetizing that way and it makes me want to read more. Double bonus. 

1. Yard sales, estate sales. Cheapest way to find books, hands down. 

2. Library sales. My town is pretty large and the sales are very crowded with huge lines. Not my favorite way to go. 

3. Thrift stores. My thrift stores want $3 or $4 for the good stuff. That adds up fast. 

4. EBay or Amazon. I usually only use this source to complete collections as shipping can add up. 

5. Book stores. Barnes and Noble has some pretty amazing stuff right now. 

These books ain't cheap, but just look upon their beauty.

The Wizard of Oz: The First Five Novels

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories

The covers are like art, so totally justifiable, right??

Happy shopping, 

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