Spring Home Tour 2016

Spring is creeping up here in sunny Florida. We kind of have 2 seasons here, hot and not hot. Spring is pretty short, like March maybe? It always means t-ball and baseball here and with 2 kids playing, things are gonna get crazy. I'm a hot mess for about 2 months...posts may be sporadic. Here's a pretty pic to make up for it.

Whew, that was a rabbit trail...here is my spring home tour! Without further ado:

My desk area does not usually look like this...just being honest.
My coffee bar is my happy place. Originally I was going to take it down after the holidays, but I loved it so much that I decided it needed to stay.

I have an obsession with vintage brass animals...bonus points if you spot the bunny. #brassbunny

I'm in love with Bridgewater Candles right now. For every big candle sold, 3 children in Haiti get a meal. Light a candle, feed a child.

After killing my mint and chives when I went away for a week, I bought an aloe plant. I water it maybe once a week and it thrives. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I bought this tablecloth from a Facebook sales group for I think $1. I was going to make pillows from it, but I LOVE it as a tablecloth.

My wreath making weapon. Grapevine wreath from local craft store and flowers from the Dollar Tree. Those cute, green, puffy ball thingys are my favorite part of the wreath.

So I guess for a home tour, you need to see the rest of the house...How about no? There's a reason so many pics are cropped close.


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