Wedding Dress Upcycle: Knockoff Anthropologie Rosette Pillow

Remember the teaser post from awhile ago (Sorry! heehee) where I said I cut up my wedding dress?? Well, here is what I've been up to!

 Here's a couple pics of my dress:

So there was a LOT of satin and some bead work. The beads were so delicately sewn on that I just ran my fabric scissors underneath and they were a breeze to remove. Raise your right hand and repeat after me, "I will never use my fabric scissors on anything except for fabric." OK, promise?

READERS BEWARE: I am a self-taught seamstress. I don't know technical terms. I am super stubborn and really determined, that's how I completed this project. Also, my secret weapon is YouTube...

matching thread
stuffing for the inside of the pillow

Cut list:

18" circle (this is the back)
1 long strip, 4" wide x 54" (length = double the circumference) (this is the middle strip)
9"x40" (this is the front piece)
4" circle (this is the front poof)

Approx. time to sew: 3 hours, but I am a complete newbie.

Sewing a ruffle was the hardest part. Watch YouTube on how to do it the quick way. Basically, you lay down a contrasting thread and sew a zig zag line over it. Then you pull that contrasting thread down and it ruffles it. Careful not to snap the thread, because you have to start over. Ask me how I know this...

Attach the middle strip that has been ruffled (only need to do one side) to the large circle. Pin them inside out so when you turn it right side out, the nice part is showing. This pic should help it make sense. The strip needs sewn in a circle. Don't worry about the seam, it will be hidden in the ruffle.

Yes. I do work on the floor. I have no craft room or table. Why do you ask?

Next, ruffle the front section. Except my black tread snapped and I had to hand ruffle it. Boo.

Secure the front very well. Hand tack if needed. Don't forget to stuff it!

I used 2 old lumpy pillows for the stuffing. Not my brightest move. I took quite some time fluffing and making sure it was filled enough and looked just right.

Use the 4" circle to make the middle poof. Shape it in your hand, insert, and hand tack. That's it! So easy, right??

Happy sewing!

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or message me on Instagram. I'll try my best to help! XOXO

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