Wedding Dress Upcycle: DIY Wedding Dress Clutch

This is part 2 of a series, if you missed part 1, Wedding Dress Upcycle: Knockoff Anthropologie Rosette Pillow, <------ click that link.

If you are looking for even more ideas, see my post from a couple weeks ago, 25+ Ways to Reuse that Wedding Dress.

There is SO MUCH fabric in a wedding dress, why not use it?

To start, decide how wide and tall you want the clutch, then cut a 3 story house shape (first & second floor are the clutch, and the "attic" is the flap). I chose the hem because of the embellishment and it was already a finished edge. I should have removed the beading, once it was sewn over it didn't lay flat. I'm OK with that.

My clutch is 8"x4" so 8" across, then 8" tall not including the "attic" portion. Here is a helpful chart from the blog that I got this idea from:

Little Red Window, check it out. She is a seamstress, I am not haha. I slid my sewing scissors under  the embellishments to remove them from the dress.

I took the bead work off the dress and used fabric glue to line the outer and inner edge. And also to cover my sewing sins haha.
Happy sewing,

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