Thriftscore Thursday 94

I'm pumped to be co-costing #thriftscorethursday with some talented bloggers who I've been following for a long time. This group of ladies got me into Instagram and sharing my thrifty scores on the regular. The feeling of community and togetherness is like no other.

Here are some of the things I didn't buy while out thrifting:

How cute is this dresser? I have no idea where I would put it. And it wouldn't flow with my bedroom. And my hubby would say, "Why are you buying furniture right before we move?" haha...

Hello, my name is Crystal and I have a thing for pottery/ceramics/dishes. I love this 48 piece collection.

I scored super chunky candle holders. I needed something simple for the dining table and this was perfect. That brassy looking one in the back could seriously take someone out. It weighs about 4 pounds. And it is the wrong kind of brassy for me. So I painted them all after a bath and scrub-a-dub with Dawn soap.

Maybe I should rename this post "Paint All the Things Gold".

I wanted them to look aged, so I painted them gold, but then layered a light dusting of black paint underneath so it didn't look too new. Then I ran out of paint...but I liked how it looked on the one I did get done (back left). I think I'm going to play with layering paint. It's such a release to paint.

I'm drooling over this mirror casacavaliere found:

I'm such a sucker for brass from doug_fritock:

And this green chair from thriftedriches?? Amazing, it's perfect. Can you be friends with a chair? Heart eyes All. Day. Long.

This mirror needs to be in my living room stat. Anyone know where reposhture (for her blog click here) lives so I can steal it??

If you need to live vicariously though this hashtag, please check out these lovely hosts and scroll though all the droll-worthy pics on Instagram.


I love everything about her style. Mid-century, glam, moody colors, brass animals, what's not to love?


Her bathroom reno has me on the edge of my seat! Can't wait for the reveal!


This lady is classy. And her master bedroom is jaw-dropping. Must click now. 

I think I need to go thrifting again...

Happy thrifting,


  1. love your candlestick collection! i came this close to featuring that thrifted riches chair, too- so fab! and i love that brass umbrella stand, too! thank you so much for joining us!

  2. Woohoo! We were both thinking on the same track this week - thrift store window shopping + gold! Those candlesticks look great together now with their new paint job! Thanks for joining us to guest host this week, Crystal!

  3. Love that chair! The greeness, the lines, everything about it is awesome! I just spray painted a carved antelope gold and it looks so much better now. I am with you, spray everything GOLD!!!

    Thanks for the mirror shout out and keep thrifting!


  4. That mirror from reposhture is so rad! I hope to stumble on something like it one day! Thanks for hosting with us!