Trend Watch: Hot Cocoa Station

I'm popping in between all of the holiday festivities, and let's face it, laziness and major sleeping, to show you a trend I am totally in love with! A hot cocoa station, which is genius, because who can say no to more chocolate or coffee or chocolate and coffee together??

Of course, I already posted about my coffee bar in this post: Glam Christmas Coffee Bar, but I wanted to show you some other drool-worthy pics as well. And honestly, you really just need a corner or a side table to set up your own. This is to get the gears running.

Here's mine to recap:

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 Here are some of my fave's from around the web:

I, for one, will always vote for more coffee and more chocolate! Please post a pic and tag me in on Instagram clearcutcrystal if you are feeling inspired. I love looking at eye candy on my fave form of social media.

Happy decorating, 


Best of 2015: Your Favorite Posts

It's been a good year. I've learned so much about DIY--painting, building, refinishing. I mean, I learned how to properly use wall anchors, for crying out loud! I'm seriously an expert or something, right?!!

As the year is drawing to a close, I'm realizing that 2015 and apartment living has been the guinea pig for what's to come.


I'm a little intimidated by that word (is that word made up?). It's kind of scary taking that next step.

But here I am. We'll officially be house hunting this summer and I'm exploding with emotions. I'm impatient, excited, terrified, lost, and intimidated all at once. Especially knowing where I've come from. I'm pretty emotional about it.

Thank you for staying with me. Here are your favorite blog posts:

5. Love More, Worry Less wooden sign

I made this sign for the #swapitlikesitshot summer 2015 Instagram challenge. I had a hard time parting with it.  
4. Twinning with HGTV's Rehab Addict

I think many of the people who clicked this were like, "What does twinning mean? And what the heck is a rehab addict?" hahahaha

3. Mid-Century Moroccan Modern

Say what now? That's a lot of words to describe one room. But that's the vision I had for my living room.

2. Vintage Superhero Room, Updated Post

One of my favorite rooms so far! Color, color everywhere. It's fun, engaging, and energizing. And there isn't a bit of shabby or farm anywhere. I'm so not in style and that's OK. 

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Drum roll please! And the winner is...

1. CONTAIN-er that Clutter!

The most popular blog post this year BY FAR. Everyone loves a good organizational tip. Here I wax eloquent about using containers all around the house to corral, conceal, or just hide away the things we use on a daily basis. This thrifted bin hold small paper clutter on my desk. And keeps me sane.

What do think? Do you have a favorite post? Do you agree with the results?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



Christmas 2015 House Tour

I like being in the holiday spirit for as long as possible, which means busting out the tree before Thanksgiving <gasp> and leaving out the decor longer than socially acceptable.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen sneak peeks all month long of my super cheerful home. Here is a round-up of all the pics in one spot. My goal is always cheerful and cozy. I hope you enjoy the view and maybe even get inspired a little.

My love for red and gold makes decorating for Christmas easy. Gold all the things. And spray paint them gold if they aren't gold. The rest of it should be red.

Red polka dots!!! I love you, corner of my dining room.

The tutorial for the DIY no-sew tree skirt is here. That ornament is scrumptious.

 That wrapping paper is ah-mazing. Target sells it too. It's called faux bois gold foil wrapping paper. My, my, aren't we fancy?

My Rae Dunn collection that should not be hidden. Guests can choose whatever mug they are feeling at the moment. Which can be used at the new coffee bar.

The kid love being able to make their own hot chocolate. Try adding a packet of hot cocoa to a cup of coffee. Legit. Too legit to quit. What does that even mean? I'll just leave that question there.

So traditional. I feel so grown-up. Not sure how I feel about that tablecloth. It's too serious or preppy or something. What do you think?

The desk is usually covered with paper clutter. I still fight battle. I usually lose.

This little spot is peaceful at least. What is this fascination I have with brass deer? Somebody had to say it.
Switching to Christmasy flowers makes such a difference. Maybe someday I'll be fancy and use real flowers. This is not that day.

I was using the "Nice" side of the mug that night. Or I was taking a pic. Either way. The other side says "Naughty".



CONTAIN-er that Clutter!

There's a secret that interior decorators don't really talk about much. It's so second nature to us that we don't even think about explaining why or how we do it. Containers. Contain-ering that clutter.


Well, containers contain clutter. Brilliant, I know. This means you use the space you have to contain that mess. You don't need more containers or fancy systems, you use what you have and purge the rest. I can't take credit for this awesome concept as I learned it from the genius/self-professed slob at A Slob Comes Clean. She also explains why she doesn't buy a lot of containers here.

Where do piles naturally occur in your home?

Can a basket, bowl, or tray corral that clutter?

Real Life: the basket off to the right holds toys and kid clutter. When it gets full, we take it to the rooms and put away. The entertainment unit holds Wii games and controllers, DVDs, and any living room stuff. I didn't notice the spy glass under the dresser until I was editing the pic. But that's real life.

This thrifted brass bin on my desk holds coupons and little papers that need to be used often. I clean it out periodically when it gets full or when I need to take pics for the blog. Haha. Who am I kidding? I clean it out when I need to take pics.

This area has evolved over the years as our family has grown. I want to buy more baskets without taking out a loan, so I'm waiting for the stars to align on that one. Shoes on the bottom, the middle will be baskets (one for napkins, vitamins, and what-not, one for church stuff, and one for school papers), and the top will be a coffee bar. Priorities.

This herringbone (a.k.a. best ever) fabric bin I found at Home Goods keeps shoe clutter neatly tucked away. I store the shoes vertically so the men in my life don't have to pull every shoe out to find the one they want. I'm the only one who does this, so I fix it once a week and don't sweat it.

This plate beside my bed holds any jewelry, bobby pins, or my glasses at the end of a long day.

Something magical happened when I placed that thrifted yellow bowl on my husband's night stand. Suddenly the small cluttery items were all contained. All of his pocket debris gets tossed there and our marriage is saved (obviously I am being dramatic, but yeah, I can't stand clutter). I empty it once a week when I take the trash from the bedrooms.

My favorite types of organizers:
Large Capacity Makeup Organizer
Rattique Storage Tote, Java
Over-the-Door 42-Pocket Organizer

What are your favorite ways to organize? Do you like pretty matching bins or are you a rock what ya got type?

Happy organizing,


ClearCutCrystal was Featured on a Real Blog!

#thriftscorethursday is a favorite of mine, and it's pretty much how I was introduced to thrifting for home decor. It absolutely made my day to see ClearCutCrystal featured for #thriftscorethursday today! Cassie at Primitive and Proper, just one of the talented hosts, was the one to feature this week and you can find my feature here. Happy dance!

The brass deer, the wooden shelf, and the brass bin were all thrifted. A sweet moment on my desk, so peaceful.

Happy thrifting,


Impossibly Easy Ornament...Using Only a Printer??

Total cost $1.67 for realz

About 16 years ago...no joke...I made these ornaments for everyone I knew. They made several people tear up and everyone raved about them.I had asked in advance for family pictures that held meaning or vintage pictures of great great grandparents. I want to say that my grandma saw this on HGTV and told me how to make them. I really don't remember.

The only problem? I made them with glass and I don't know of many that are still around...sad face.

This is the project of your dreams because it's seriously cheap, required few supplies, and the recipient will love it!

Supplies List:
Inkjet printer transparency (check what printer you have!) $0.50
clear plastic ornament-purchased at JoAnn's as a doorbuster 60% off $1.17

Seriously! That's it! I sell transparencies individually at my store and you may not have that in your area. It looks like you have to buy it 50/pack on Amazon here or at Staples here or Office Depot here. This would be great to split among friends.

Worst picture ever, but it was really late and it's real life.

I measured the width and height of the bulb and added about 1/2" to that (you need it to be bigger so it doesn't shift around), loaded my pic into Microsoft Word and printed. I tried just printing the picture, but it printed on the entire page! Way too big. Once it's printed, roll it up and pop it into the bulb. You can use a pencil to straighten or move the pic how you need it. I'm thinking that a landscape pic would fit the ornament better than portrait orientation, but it would probably work.

I can see grandma's tree loaded with pics of her grand babies! How cute would that be??

Merry Christmas and happy crafting,


Glam Christmas Coffee Bar

I'm calling this my Glam Christmas Coffee Bar. It makes me so happy. Black and white and gold and brass and basically I need to party all Christmas because it's so festive in here now.

You guys. I may have to take out a loan to find pretty, glam storage boxes. I have been to 4 stores and nothing is like the picture in my mind. Ugh. Don't tell my husband m'kay? If you missed the DIY console post, click here. The no-sew tree skirt tutorial is here. I might have to share a house tour soon.

I found most everything at Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or IKEA. Source list below. The cake stand on the far left is actually a stand with a mirror hot glued together. I couldn't find a cake stand in the whole place I liked. Home Goods was a treasure trove of cake stands.

Please be kind, oh internet, because this was my first time ever chalking a design. My son saw me drawing and said, "Oh, mommy, you are such a good artist!" This is the kid who tells you straight up how it is, so I take that as a real compliment. <insert laughing emoji here>

He did critique my cursive though. He cracks me up. It says, "Life is too short for bad coffee."

 Happy Decorating,

gold tray-Target
polka dot paper straws-Target
deer salt & pepper shakers-Target

cream & sugar pitchers-Home Goods

"have your cake" cake stand-Home Goods

mirror "cake stand"-Hobby Lobby
cute glass jar with spoon-Hobby Lobby
chalkboard-Hobby Lobby

marble tile-from the "free" bin at my local tile place
pine cones-from my backyard

berries-Dollar Tree
glass jar with silver lid-IKEA