No Sew Tree Skirt

Christmas on a budget...this fleece tree skirt fits in any budget!

Cream fleece, about 2 yards
fabric scissors
hot glue gun
tape measure

I feel like this list is ridiculously short. Um, I used a marker to trace the petals. There. What this one takes is time. Like 2-3 episodes of Gilmore Girls time.

First measure out how much you want, I found this info-graphic extremely helpful.

Don't eye-ball on this one. Except I totally eye-balled the rounded cuts because they would be covered by flowers. I used every bit of scrap in the hopes that I could use the leftover fabric for another project. 

Prepare to spend a lot of time cutting petals. I cut 200+ and only had enough for one row around. I'm debating finishing it up or keeping it as is. 

Side note: In real life, mom life, we take pics at night with our iPhones. And it's OK. 

Begin arranging the petals into flowers and hot glue them together. Realize you need even more petals. 

Cut more petals while watching your favorite show, it will make the time go by so fast. I promise. 

The pillows-Simple Addiction
Blanket-Hobby Lobby
The wooden signs-I made them with my Cricut Explore
The tree-Old Time Pottery
Ornaments-Kohl's or thrifted or Dollar Tree (no joke, they have good stuff)

Happy Cutting, 


One Board Challenge: DIY Console Table

Okay, I know, I know, the One Board Challenge was so last month. Here I am late to the game, but you guys. I made a table with no help. Usually hubby pitches in when I need muscle, but I did this all on my own!

(BTW, for those of you shocked to see a post, Disney kicked our butts. Both hubby & I work full time, have full lives, and jumped straight back into life again. But so worth it.)

Back to my moment. I made dis.

I used the directions from Ana White, because she is the the bomb dot com. I actually used a different source than she did, but saved about the same amount of money. 

Life and Home:
(16) floor flanges $1.79, total $28.64
(8) 12" pipes $2.15. total $17.20
(4) casters, $5.39, total $21.56
shipping $11

Home Depot:
Minwax stain, Honey, already had on hand
220 grit sandpaper, sander
(80) 3/4" screws $4ish
(1) 2x12x16'  $22ish

Even with shipping, I saved about half of what I would pay at my local big box store. No brainer there. I did get the wood from Home Depot and had them cut the 16' board into 4' sections. The goal was a console table that was long and low.

The wood was propped against the house, sanded down (knocking off all sharp edges and corners), and stained. It took a full 24 hours in this humid FL climate to dry. I plan to paint a coat of polyurethane soon.

No joke, there was a moment of panic when I saw this HUGE gap, but I started playing with heights-twisting pipes and flanges. I had to twist that one quite a bit, but it's all connected and sturdy.

IMPORTANT: Do in this order-screw in flanges to board, twist in pipes, attach the flange to the top of the pipe, flip the whole thing, then screw in flanges. DO NOT screw in all flanges then try to screw the pipes. You will curse the day you were born.

Confession: I eyeballed everything. No measuring, no squaring up, nada. I thought about it and it just didn't need to be done.

Just make sure your boards are exactly measured when cut.

Not the cheapest project ever, and you could definitely use cheaper casters, but I chose to go industrial and beefy. Total cost $104.40

I'm still playing with arrangements and I really need to buy baskets for storage, but I'm just stoked to have it done.

This will serve as a hot chocolate/coffee bar for the holidays and maybe just a coffee bar the rest of the year? Eventually the artwork will change as well.

What do you think? What would you have done differently? Please leave any questions you may have in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

Here's the table styled as a hot chocolate station and coffee bar:

Hot Chocolate Bar and Coffee Station

 Here it is styled for spring:


 And here it is for Valentine's Day:


Happy building,


DIY Disney: Star Wars T-shirt for a Boy

DIY Disney: An artsy approach to a boy's Star Wars tee using an iron-on transfer.

I'm a little addicted to iron-on transfers right now because it is SO EASY! I'm playing with the idea of making Christmas pillows this year.

I googled classic Star Wars images:

How rad are these minimalist drawings of R2-D2?? I loaded the file into Cricut Design Space and cut out the blue background. After that, I simply printed onto iron-on transfer, cut the image out with the Cricut, and followed the package instructions to iron onto the shirt. You could easily cut this out with scissors. You really don't need the Cricut.

Happy Travelin'


DIY Disney: 5th Birthday Superman Shirt

It's a 5th birthday Superman Shirt DIY! Happy 5th birthday to my baby. Sniff, sniff. I think I need a moment...and a tissue.

Source list (contains affiliate links):

blue shirt (purchased at JoAnn's for 50% off)
red shirt (purchased at JoAnn's for 50% off)
Avery InkJet Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers (purchased at JoAnn's for 50% off)
red cargo shorts
the perfect red shoes
Clark Kent Glasses <---forgot to buy! <sad face>

I googled "superman logo with 5", saved the file to my laptop, loaded it into Cricut Design Space, and changed the color to red. I printed it, but didn't cut it with the Cricut. I just used scissors.

Then I ironed the image onto the shirt and it wouldn't stick. It took an embarrassing amount of time to figure out that I forgot to peel the backing off. Oops. The lighting was TERRIBLE here, but this gives an idea:

I decided just the "5" was a little boring, placed it on a yellow background, and "flattened" it into one image. Much more authentic. Cricut does not allow you to save your projects onto your computer, you save them within Design Space. Boo. I had to do a screen shot for you guys.

Once it was ironed on, I went a little crazy with the accessories. I ordered the perfect red shoes and red cargo shorts ( <--- it is Orlando after all) from Amazon. (Side note: It was HOT and humid. And HOT.)

Then I noticed the white button-down shirt in my little man's closet and BOOM! the idea came for a photo shoot. Um, yes. So naturally he needed a cape to wear all day. He LOVED his cape. I thought it might bother him, but he did not want to take it off.

You literally take scissors to a t-shirt and cut a "V" shape, but leave the neck ring. I was going to get all fancy and sew the edges and possibly line the inside of the cape with contrasting fabric. Yeah. This full-time working mama ain't got time for that. This is real life.

I used the tutorial from Tutus and Tea Parties to make the cape.Thank you so much for the easy tutorial!

Everyone liked his outfit and he had a ton of people wish him happy birthday, so his day was made. Fun family memories. Stay tuned for 2 more Disney shirt DIY's!

Happy travelin'


No Photoshop? No problem!

 I love my Cricut Explore, but I don't have Photoshop. What's a girl to do??

Enter Pic Monkey.

It's no secret that bloggers love Pic Monkey. It's the cheap way to make your life a little more sophisticated.

1. A Crafter's Dream: iron-on, sign making, you name it.

2. Take your pics to the next level: edit out cords, fix the lighting, cover up blemishes. Nobody clicks on bad pics. All bloggers do it, Emily Henderson actually has a hilarious post dedicated to this very topic. 

Believe it or not, I did edit some cords off the floor. Ahem. 

3. Add funny captions, make hilarious memes, you know. 

4. Design a rad logo:

5. Manipulate colors, shapes, backgrounds. Make cool art. 

So what do you think?? While Pic Monkey is free & amazing, I think the yearly subscription is worth it as a blogger, as there are just a few more options. 

Love ya!