Painting on a Whim

Sometimes you just need a change! I feel like I've been working on my living room for YEARS, but I finally think I'm getting somewhere. I've mentioned several times that it's dark, has a lot of doors/pathways which makes this room a little difficult.

Solution? Bring in more white and color, stay away from my previous brown, red wine, and rusty orange color palette. Here is my desk corner before. I liked it, but it was too dark. BUT this color palette is so me.

So on a whim, when I had the white paint out for the pine cones, I painted the picture white. Eeeek!

I used rub 'n buff antique gold on the frame to lighten it up a bit. Then came the hard part. Deciding what to put in that great, big wide space! After obsessing for two weeks...

Usually I have lots of quotes on my Pinterest board that I'll do something with someday.

But I wanted something about the home that everyone could relate to, even the men in my life.

 I've had a splendid time 
and I feel that it marks an epoch in my life. 
But the best of it all was the coming home. 
Anne of Green Gables

I couldn't see my hubby being especially thrilled about an Anne of Green Gables quote, so I kept searching. Then I remembered that I had designed some word art for a wooden sign I was going to make. 

Here she is. Isn't this corner so much cheerier and a little less melancholy? The bright oranges and creams of the pumpkins make the corner seems a little more alive now.

Side note: I wanted to buy the entire aisle of succulents at Target. I can't live with only 3 of them. So. Cute.

What do you think? I'm kind of stumped on how to decorate this corner for winter, but I can't wait to play with it. I'm thinking that new white picture will look great with a banner or bunting.

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