How I Found My Style

Decorating can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? (Thank you, Pinterest.) It's been a process, BUT I have learned what works for my family where we are now. Not what is trendy or gets the most likes. I'll even share a surprising source for inspiration!

Here's how I found my style:

1. I created a Pinterest board named "Bedroom Inspiration" and pinned away.  I looked at the overall theme after I'd binged on Pinterest for awhile. What was I drawn to? I said it out loud. "Bold geometric patterns, paired with lots of white for balance. Bling and metal accents. Contrast and texture. Vintage and modern, old and new."

Find a designer you love and study their books or websites. My personal favorites are Emily Henderson's Styled, Mandi GrublerJoy Cho's Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy, and Nate Berkus

 2. Narrow down individual elements of a room. What geometric patterns? What time period was I drawn to? What kind of wood?

2. I kept a collage of screen shots on my phone to keep me on track. I've actually fallen in love with something, looked at the pics, and just knew it wouldn't work with the room. I'd end up hating it because it just wasn't meshing with the rest of my house.

3.  Look at your closet. Pull out the items that you love to wear. What do they have in common?

4. Remember, you can always change up accessories, but it's harder to change things like couches, dining tables, and large entertainment centers. Choose something classic that you know you would like over the long haul. The power of paint, y'all. I'm still amazed at how my despised master bedroom furniture transformed into creamy white awesomeness.

5. I looked at an inspiration pic and defined how I wanted my home to feel: relaxed, welcoming, lived in, a place where family memories are made, and FUN. I like quirky or non-traditional elements. It's just as important to me as any other element in the room.

 6.  Keep your receipts and experiment! Learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid. Fail. Don't keep things that cost a lot of money or that you hate, sell it and move on. Stencil that end table, paint that chair.

7. Make your house your home. Make it so that you are glad to come home at the end of a long day. In the end, decorate for you and not anyone else. You are the one that lives there. Chasing trends can be so unsatisfying. And last, have fun! Walk into a room and feel comfortable and at home. 


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