Fall Home Tour 2015

I have SO MUCH to learn here. With that said, I'd like to share with you my fall home tour.

On a budget.

Mostly with items from around my home.

Or from my backyard.

You get the idea here. I'd like to share how to make a lovely home that doesn't cost a lot of money.

First up, DIY "snowy" pine cones, tutorial here. Roll pine cones through a little white paint to have awesome, free decor. My back patio is usually sorely neglected.

I made this fall "Gather" sign with scrap wood and vinyl. I'm guessing the total cost was $2, the tutorial is here. That blanket pops up a couple different places because it has awesome texture and is light enough for our fake Florida fall we have going on.

I've been on a major tablescape kick lately because I finally invested in a few baskets, chargers, and what-nots. And by invested, I mean chargers were from IKEA and that bin with the delicious metal detail is from Home Goods. Not a lot of dough being shelled out. I yack about all the details here.

I switched up the flowers around the home and my husband commented that it felt more like fall just with that one simple change. Score. The tutorial for the dresser turned entertainment center is here.

My kitchen is rarely shown here, and for good reason. Living in a rental means the kitchen is not a show-stopper. Let's just say that and move on. Here is one little corner, though.

The pottery is from my eBay business, I dive into the details here.

Update: I just finished this corner of my living room and it's such an improvement.

 I painted over my beautiful Italy painting (it was a cheap-o, don't fret) and used my Cricut to cut vinyl. What do you think?

What is your favorite way to decorate? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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