Trend Watch: Christmas 2015 Decorating Trends

Here are the Christmas 2015 Christmas decorating trends! This is what's HOT.

Rustic, natural, neutral. So not me. BUT I think I can make some of this work with my style.

Happy Decorating!
Crystal XOXO


Little Boys' Shorts as low as $4.39

I ordered these shorts in red as part as my son's 5th birthday outfit! (Red is $6.72) Many of these colors are on price cut as low as $4.39! So worth it if you have Amazon Prime.

I also ordered these perfect red shoes.

Happy Shopping!


Trend Watch: Painted Lower Kitchen Cabinets

A trend that could stand the test of time? Painted lower cabinets are what's trending right now. There are endless combinations, and given it's customize-able nature, I could see this one lasting for awhile.

Is this style for you? What would you do differently?


Literally everything is awesome here...that rug, that blue! The accessories, the fixtures...


Black is a bold choice and they win at life. It's that good. 

Kitchen goals! I love how open it is to rest of the house. But does that mean I have to do the dishes more often? jk...

Dark lower cabinets add a layer of drama and interest, don't they? They make you sit up and pay attention.

Dreaming of a "one day" kitchen right now!

Happy Dreaming, 


How I Found My Style

Decorating can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? (Thank you, Pinterest.) It's been a process, BUT I have learned what works for my family where we are now. Not what is trendy or gets the most likes. I'll even share a surprising source for inspiration!

Here's how I found my style:

1. I created a Pinterest board named "Bedroom Inspiration" and pinned away.  I looked at the overall theme after I'd binged on Pinterest for awhile. What was I drawn to? I said it out loud. "Bold geometric patterns, paired with lots of white for balance. Bling and metal accents. Contrast and texture. Vintage and modern, old and new."

Find a designer you love and study their books or websites. My personal favorites are Emily Henderson's Styled, Mandi GrublerJoy Cho's Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy, and Nate Berkus

 2. Narrow down individual elements of a room. What geometric patterns? What time period was I drawn to? What kind of wood?

2. I kept a collage of screen shots on my phone to keep me on track. I've actually fallen in love with something, looked at the pics, and just knew it wouldn't work with the room. I'd end up hating it because it just wasn't meshing with the rest of my house.

3.  Look at your closet. Pull out the items that you love to wear. What do they have in common?

4. Remember, you can always change up accessories, but it's harder to change things like couches, dining tables, and large entertainment centers. Choose something classic that you know you would like over the long haul. The power of paint, y'all. I'm still amazed at how my despised master bedroom furniture transformed into creamy white awesomeness.

5. I looked at an inspiration pic and defined how I wanted my home to feel: relaxed, welcoming, lived in, a place where family memories are made, and FUN. I like quirky or non-traditional elements. It's just as important to me as any other element in the room.

 6.  Keep your receipts and experiment! Learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid. Fail. Don't keep things that cost a lot of money or that you hate, sell it and move on. Stencil that end table, paint that chair.

7. Make your house your home. Make it so that you are glad to come home at the end of a long day. In the end, decorate for you and not anyone else. You are the one that lives there. Chasing trends can be so unsatisfying. And last, have fun! Walk into a room and feel comfortable and at home. 



Painting on a Whim

Sometimes you just need a change! I feel like I've been working on my living room for YEARS, but I finally think I'm getting somewhere. I've mentioned several times that it's dark, has a lot of doors/pathways which makes this room a little difficult.

Solution? Bring in more white and color, stay away from my previous brown, red wine, and rusty orange color palette. Here is my desk corner before. I liked it, but it was too dark. BUT this color palette is so me.

So on a whim, when I had the white paint out for the pine cones, I painted the picture white. Eeeek!

I used rub 'n buff antique gold on the frame to lighten it up a bit. Then came the hard part. Deciding what to put in that great, big wide space! After obsessing for two weeks...

Usually I have lots of quotes on my Pinterest board that I'll do something with someday.

But I wanted something about the home that everyone could relate to, even the men in my life.

 I've had a splendid time 
and I feel that it marks an epoch in my life. 
But the best of it all was the coming home. 
Anne of Green Gables

I couldn't see my hubby being especially thrilled about an Anne of Green Gables quote, so I kept searching. Then I remembered that I had designed some word art for a wooden sign I was going to make. 

Here she is. Isn't this corner so much cheerier and a little less melancholy? The bright oranges and creams of the pumpkins make the corner seems a little more alive now.

Side note: I wanted to buy the entire aisle of succulents at Target. I can't live with only 3 of them. So. Cute.

What do you think? I'm kind of stumped on how to decorate this corner for winter, but I can't wait to play with it. I'm thinking that new white picture will look great with a banner or bunting.


Apple Peelers on Price Cut!

'Tis the season for apples, which is one of our favorite snacks around here. We order produce in bulk from the Mennonite families, which is a ridiculous price savings.

Amazon has apple peeler, corer, slicers on sale for half off right now! They all have great sales numbers and good reviews.

Johnny Apple Peeler, suction base , $14.99 $29.99

Stainless Steel Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer $16.99, $29.99

Heavy Duty Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer - Professional Grade $16.95, $34.99

Nesco Snackmaster Dehydrator $65.99, $88.99

I'm going to try making apple chips this year! Any tips or recipes that you love? Let me know, because I love apples this time of year!

Happy Baking,

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Fall Home Tour 2015

I have SO MUCH to learn here. With that said, I'd like to share with you my fall home tour.

On a budget.

Mostly with items from around my home.

Or from my backyard.

You get the idea here. I'd like to share how to make a lovely home that doesn't cost a lot of money.

First up, DIY "snowy" pine cones, tutorial here. Roll pine cones through a little white paint to have awesome, free decor. My back patio is usually sorely neglected.

I made this fall "Gather" sign with scrap wood and vinyl. I'm guessing the total cost was $2, the tutorial is here. That blanket pops up a couple different places because it has awesome texture and is light enough for our fake Florida fall we have going on.

I've been on a major tablescape kick lately because I finally invested in a few baskets, chargers, and what-nots. And by invested, I mean chargers were from IKEA and that bin with the delicious metal detail is from Home Goods. Not a lot of dough being shelled out. I yack about all the details here.

I switched up the flowers around the home and my husband commented that it felt more like fall just with that one simple change. Score. The tutorial for the dresser turned entertainment center is here.

My kitchen is rarely shown here, and for good reason. Living in a rental means the kitchen is not a show-stopper. Let's just say that and move on. Here is one little corner, though.

The pottery is from my eBay business, I dive into the details here.

Update: I just finished this corner of my living room and it's such an improvement.

 I painted over my beautiful Italy painting (it was a cheap-o, don't fret) and used my Cricut to cut vinyl. What do you think?

What is your favorite way to decorate? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments what you think.


Trend Watch and Latest Collection Obsession

The latest collection obsession is affordable, yet elusive. Finding these items is like a treasure hunt, and because of this, there is quite the market online. It's crazy. Both Home Goods and Marshall's carry Rae Dunn pottery, but local stores have no control over ordering or when it comes. (Believe me, I grilled the sales associates.) I have great luck on Wednesday and Thursday. It's usually all gone by the weekend.

I can't quite explain why I'm drawn to Rae Dun pottery, but this excerpt from her website says it perfectly:

“I don’t think my art is a reaction against the complexity of life today, but rather a way for me to embrace the joyful, spontaneous elements of daily life that seem to be wanting in so much of what we do. Today, more than ever, I think we all need to slow down and grasp that which is honest, real, and personally satisfying. I try to express those feelings in all of my work.”
Her work is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. “I don’t strive for perfection in line and form in my work, because for me the balance I’m trying to achieve can’t be represented that way. The incompleteness and imperfection of my work is part of the story. Just as the absence of something in our lives can stir powerful feelings and show us the way to wholeness.”

She explains what I cannot. It's simplicity is disarming, and I crave it.

I currently have an eBay shop where I buy, trade, and sell Rae Dunn. Check it out here. It changes all the time, so check back.

I'm currently salivating over white pear measuring cups . It's beautiful. I'm still searching for this sip and gulp set if anyone wants to gift it to me for Christmas.

Happy Hunting,