Trend Alert

Most trends are OK. It's all about balance. Like the great Rachel Ray says, "All things in moderation." (I watched Rachel Ray every day of maternity leave. Both times. Don't judge. Even though I'm being very judgey in this post. Whatevs.)

Here is the trendy cycle:

1. Trend becomes popular.
2. You see it popping up everywhere.
3. Everything and everyone has a version of this thing.
4. People tire of the trend. Even grandma has the trend, and it's not cool anymore.
5. New trend.

Example: I think we've reached saturation of the market when I find Thomas' English muffins in pumpkin spice. I love pumpkin spice, can't get enough of it. But, c'mon.

Just calm down, people, that's all I'm asking. OK. Moving on. Dalmatian print! This is a trend I can love.

Just don't overdo it, OK?


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