Me vs. Cords: A Short History

Cords are the worst. Wild and untamed, the cords do as they will. There are surprisingly few options to organize cords, and I've tried a many of them. Here are some ideas/things I tried.

Option #1: Black Velcro Cable Ties

These cable ties (linked above) look amazing, I want to try these too. I bought plain Velcro strips and it did not work for me at all. The Velcro, believe it or not, didn't hold up. We also changed out some hardware over the years and had to rip some things down. Hubby is not exactly super into organization like I am, and he did most of the ripping. He also thought the modem was too hot when it was mounted underneath the desk.

Option #2: Drilling Holes

I bought a small drill attachment and drilled a hole into the back of my beloved dresser that I converted into an entertainment center. I also needed to drill a hole into a drawer. Getting those two holes lined up turned out to be a little difficult. It was a huge pain to feed everything through as well.

When we switched over the Roku to Amazon Fire, it was a huge pain to feed everything through again.

Option #3: Rain Gutters

I love this idea, but it wouldn't work for us. It looks great for a small space, kids room, or DIY desk. Genius.

Option #4: Photo Editing

Because, obviously. I have read post after post where bloggers admit to editing pics on the reg. I do it too. Let's face it, you're not going to click on a pic or take advise from someone who doesn't have stunning photos.

Option #5: Command Cord Bundlers

I was so excited to find this on Amazon. It's no secret that Command Hooks are the bomb diggity. What's so amazing about these hooks is that's it's so changeable. New computer? No problem. Living in a rental? It's a breeze to remove. Life changed.

Happy organizing!


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