Easy Ruler Growth Chart

Hands down, one of the simplest, fastest projects I've done to date. The Growth Chart that becomes art! The growth chart that can travel to my new home when we (hopefully) move this summer.

I chose the wood based on the width, it needed to be wide as possible, link here. It was around $10 for the wood, which I thought was a good price. It's cut down to 6 ft. and that's OK, because we don't have any particularly tall people in my family.

I used a new stain, Minwax "honey" and I love the lighter tones-like an aged ruler.

Here's your supply list:

(1) 1"x6"x8' board
vinyl or paint
brush or rag for the stain/paint
sandpaper, I used 220 grit for a smooth finish

I first took my sander to knock off the sharp edges and give it a smooth finish. Then I wiped the stain on and wiped it off. You can leave it on longer to get a darker look.

Look at all that knotty goodness! Then I measured out each foot and about where I wanted the numbers to go. The number had to be BIG and I wanted a lot of contrast, so I decided to go with white vinyl. You could easily print out numbers, cut them out with an exacto knife, and mod podge them onto the wood.

I used Pic Monkey to create each number file and uploaded it into Cricut design space. Pic Monkey is Photo Shop for dummies and way cheaper. Maybe someday I'll spring for it, but in this stage of my life, I just don't see the need.

Are you ever in the middle of a project, and the longest part is just choosing a font??? Well, that's what happened here, but I just love this  number 4. Like I would marry this font if it ever came down to it.

I'm a little addicted to vinyl, just being real right now.

I've been keeping my boys' measurements in my phone, I can't wait to transfer everything over! Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if you have any questions.

Paint all the things,

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