DIY Pinecone Garland...Nevermind, I Love the Crate

Check out these huge pine cones! Pine trees are huge in Florida. These trees, from my apartment complex, are about 4 stories high. They are amazing, also I would not want one of them to fall on my house.

I tried to pick some of the prettiest ones, because I needed big impact for not much money.

Isn't sparkle and glimmer just part of the holidays? Feel free to change this up however you want. Make it you.

DIY Pinecone Garland:

gold spray paint (optional)
white paint
hot glue gun
string, jute, or ribbon

Step 1: Bake the pine cones for 3 hours at 200 in the oven. This will kill the bugs and make all the "scales" open up. Let cool.

Step 2: Lightly spray with gold spray paint, just a few light passes is perfect. Let dry.

Step 3: Pour a little white paint onto a paper plate and roll the tops and sides in the paint. Globs of paint are perfect--it looks like snow piling up. Let it dry thoroughly.

I white washed the bucket as well. That red rim was stubborn and got another coat.

Step 3: Wrap the jute around the "scales" of the pine cone and hot glue. I thought I could wrap mine twice and skip this step, but it's a pain the neck to hang when it's unraveling.

Here are the pine cones in a crate I picked up from the local produce and nursery. Um, maybe I should keep them in the crate. I love the crate and I do what I want. HA!

So yeah, I'll post another tutorial down the road about the garland.

Paint all the things,


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