Curbside Vintage Revival

 It's official, I nabbed my first curbside treasure. Does it count that it was my friend's trash? The chairs were pretty gross from being stored in her shed--layers of Florida sand, dirt, and cobwebs.


See all those nooks and crannies? Nooks and crannies = more work. Every. Time. But I had the vision of how it would turn out in my head and I couldn't go back.

 After it was clean and had spent some time drying, I mixed up my homemade chalk recipe:

1 cup paint
1/2 cup calcium carbonate

Aaaand then a quick trip to ReStore (Habitat for Humanity resale store) for some paint brushes.


I sanded down the chairs as best as I could and got to work. I wish I had a pic of the sanded down version. It was uggo at that point...

 What do you think? Have you ever tried chalk paint before? I need to add here that usually you don't "need" to prep the surface for chalk paint, but these chairs had a lot of dirt, damage, and just EW.

I am always amazed at the power of paint.

Paint all the things,


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DIY Pinecone Garland...Nevermind, I Love the Crate

Check out these huge pine cones! Pine trees are huge in Florida. These trees, from my apartment complex, are about 4 stories high. They are amazing, also I would not want one of them to fall on my house.

I tried to pick some of the prettiest ones, because I needed big impact for not much money.

Isn't sparkle and glimmer just part of the holidays? Feel free to change this up however you want. Make it you.

DIY Pinecone Garland:

gold spray paint (optional)
white paint
hot glue gun
string, jute, or ribbon

Step 1: Bake the pine cones for 3 hours at 200 in the oven. This will kill the bugs and make all the "scales" open up. Let cool.

Step 2: Lightly spray with gold spray paint, just a few light passes is perfect. Let dry.

Step 3: Pour a little white paint onto a paper plate and roll the tops and sides in the paint. Globs of paint are perfect--it looks like snow piling up. Let it dry thoroughly.

I white washed the bucket as well. That red rim was stubborn and got another coat.

Step 3: Wrap the jute around the "scales" of the pine cone and hot glue. I thought I could wrap mine twice and skip this step, but it's a pain the neck to hang when it's unraveling.

Here are the pine cones in a crate I picked up from the local produce and nursery. Um, maybe I should keep them in the crate. I love the crate and I do what I want. HA!

So yeah, I'll post another tutorial down the road about the garland.

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Fall Gather Sign

Have I mentioned before that fall is my favorite season??? Only like 792 times. I LOVE decorating with rusty oranges, deep reds, browns, and metal or shiny accents like vintage brass or gold pieces. This pumpkin is my favorite. I don't even care what trends are happening right now (white or patterned pumpkins).

But I digress. Fall. It's my favorite.

This wood came from the rejected pile that is always 70% off at Home Depot. I had it cut down to 12x12" squares because that's the cut area for the Cricut. The Cricut cut out the "gather" letters like a champ. So this project cost maybe $1 altogether?

I googled "free maple leaf outline" and inserted the file into Pic Monkey, found the font I liked, then uploaded the file into Cricut Design Space. Easy peasy! Once the vinyl is cut, it is so much easier to use transfer paper to move the vinyl to the wood.

Another quick project done. My home is feeling very much like fall.

Happy Decorating!


Trend Alert

Most trends are OK. It's all about balance. Like the great Rachel Ray says, "All things in moderation." (I watched Rachel Ray every day of maternity leave. Both times. Don't judge. Even though I'm being very judgey in this post. Whatevs.)

Here is the trendy cycle:

1. Trend becomes popular.
2. You see it popping up everywhere.
3. Everything and everyone has a version of this thing.
4. People tire of the trend. Even grandma has the trend, and it's not cool anymore.
5. New trend.

Example: I think we've reached saturation of the market when I find Thomas' English muffins in pumpkin spice. I love pumpkin spice, can't get enough of it. But, c'mon.

Just calm down, people, that's all I'm asking. OK. Moving on. Dalmatian print! This is a trend I can love.

Just don't overdo it, OK?



Easy Ruler Growth Chart

Hands down, one of the simplest, fastest projects I've done to date. The Growth Chart that becomes art! The growth chart that can travel to my new home when we (hopefully) move this summer.

I chose the wood based on the width, it needed to be wide as possible, link here. It was around $10 for the wood, which I thought was a good price. It's cut down to 6 ft. and that's OK, because we don't have any particularly tall people in my family.

I used a new stain, Minwax "honey" and I love the lighter tones-like an aged ruler.

Here's your supply list:

(1) 1"x6"x8' board
vinyl or paint
brush or rag for the stain/paint
sandpaper, I used 220 grit for a smooth finish

I first took my sander to knock off the sharp edges and give it a smooth finish. Then I wiped the stain on and wiped it off. You can leave it on longer to get a darker look.

Look at all that knotty goodness! Then I measured out each foot and about where I wanted the numbers to go. The number had to be BIG and I wanted a lot of contrast, so I decided to go with white vinyl. You could easily print out numbers, cut them out with an exacto knife, and mod podge them onto the wood.

I used Pic Monkey to create each number file and uploaded it into Cricut design space. Pic Monkey is Photo Shop for dummies and way cheaper. Maybe someday I'll spring for it, but in this stage of my life, I just don't see the need.

Are you ever in the middle of a project, and the longest part is just choosing a font??? Well, that's what happened here, but I just love this  number 4. Like I would marry this font if it ever came down to it.

I'm a little addicted to vinyl, just being real right now.

I've been keeping my boys' measurements in my phone, I can't wait to transfer everything over! Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if you have any questions.

Paint all the things,


Me vs. Cords: A Short History

Cords are the worst. Wild and untamed, the cords do as they will. There are surprisingly few options to organize cords, and I've tried a many of them. Here are some ideas/things I tried.

Option #1: Black Velcro Cable Ties

These cable ties (linked above) look amazing, I want to try these too. I bought plain Velcro strips and it did not work for me at all. The Velcro, believe it or not, didn't hold up. We also changed out some hardware over the years and had to rip some things down. Hubby is not exactly super into organization like I am, and he did most of the ripping. He also thought the modem was too hot when it was mounted underneath the desk.

Option #2: Drilling Holes

I bought a small drill attachment and drilled a hole into the back of my beloved dresser that I converted into an entertainment center. I also needed to drill a hole into a drawer. Getting those two holes lined up turned out to be a little difficult. It was a huge pain to feed everything through as well.

When we switched over the Roku to Amazon Fire, it was a huge pain to feed everything through again.

Option #3: Rain Gutters

I love this idea, but it wouldn't work for us. It looks great for a small space, kids room, or DIY desk. Genius.

Option #4: Photo Editing

Because, obviously. I have read post after post where bloggers admit to editing pics on the reg. I do it too. Let's face it, you're not going to click on a pic or take advise from someone who doesn't have stunning photos.

Option #5: Command Cord Bundlers

I was so excited to find this on Amazon. It's no secret that Command Hooks are the bomb diggity. What's so amazing about these hooks is that's it's so changeable. New computer? No problem. Living in a rental? It's a breeze to remove. Life changed.

Happy organizing!


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