An Honest Review of Homemade Chalk Paint

Homemade chalk paint sounded really easy, so I took a crack at it, and had an epic fail. I detailed my first go-around here. There were white chalky spots everywhere on this table. DIY chalk paint needs to be stirred A LOT.

Recipe for Homemade Chalk Paint:
1 cup paint
1/2 cup Calcium Carbonate

So I tried again. And I love it. This time I stirred for about 1-2 minutes and mixed it in a plastic cup instead of directly in the paint tray. This is what I started out with:

The beach picture frame started out 90's horrific and now it's chalky fabulous. I even painted the mat with it. The flat paint looks so good with just a few passes of the brush. Oh, and that "You make me happy" sign was my creation that you can read about here.

I am so happy that it worked out this time! It just took a lot of stirring. Good to know.

Paint all the things,


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