Family Command Center on a Budget

We come home and dump everything on the nearest flat surface. Sound familiar?

You are not alone! We decided to fight the clutter and put in a command center. Here is how it looked before:
The horrible, cheap cubby system was a sad attempt to corral the clutter. It helped a little, but then we just started dumping our stuff on top of that. I needed it to look nice and welcoming. So, you know, we would want to keep it nice. It really does help, I promise. If you have a nice space, you keep it nice. I learned this with the other dumping ground--the master bedroom.

So I tore it all apart.

2 cork boards, Hobby Lobby $15
fabric, JoAnn Fabric $6
spray adhesive or tacky glue, already had on hand
mini clothes pins, Hobby Lobby, $4
wall files, Staples $10
basket, JoAnn Fabric $15ish
I had a talk with myself. How is this space actually being used? What are the struggles here?

I bought some huge cork boards similar to this and covered them in pretty fabric, in an attempt to make me excited about a not-glamorous clutter hot spot. I bought upholstery tacks similar to this to make it look a little more high end and placed them around the border of each board. The wall files are from staples, but I think they have been discontinued. 

I found the world's cutest mini clothes pins that were already painted gold <swoon>  and these pics from a family trip invoke a smile every time I look at them.

The large, chicken wire basket keep shoes conveniently by the door, but under control.

I eventually found the perfect basket for little items, the one pictured above extended out a little too much. All in all, it's a little bright spot that hopefully keeps the clutter under control. What do you think? Do you actually use your command center? Has it actually helped you keep clutter at bay?

Happy organizing,

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