When Work isn't Work

Sometimes I get to play at work. My store is in the awkward teenager stage of it's renovation. The building that I work in has been renovated, but my actual store will not be renovated until next summer. So for now, we have the world's tiniest side window to make room for my new glorious mall-style entrance.

As we gear up for summer camps, a new window was needed. High schoolers come from all over to attend academic camps, so it's not all that rustic or outdoorsy.

I collect ideas on my Pinterest board titled, Ideas. Clever title, I know.

My idea was to make a directional sign, so I naturally headed to Home Depot for wood. Did you know they will make any cuts you need? They are super helpful and they never make me feel dumb. I ask dumb questions all the time.

I white washed the signs and printed vinyl from the good ol' Cricut Explore. This particular vinyl came in a pack of assorted colors for $9.99ish.

I had HUGE logs cut in varying heights to add some interest. I love having something unexpected and maybe even a little weird.

While it's very simple, it turned out great! The backdrop was printed on the wide format printer we have on campus. It's a nice perk to have access to.

It's nice when I get to play at work.

Paint all the things,

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