Too Good Peanut Butter Quesadilla

This is an out of the ordinary post, but it was too good not to share! As a full time working mother, I LOVE fast, easy, and delicious recipes. This was one of those recipes.

1 low-carb tortilla (I use Tortilla Factory)
all natural, no sugar added peanut butter
1/3 of a banana
about 20 dark chocolate chips
about 1/2 a tbs. of  butter

Obviously this recipe could be tweaked to your liking. I tweaked it for THM, which is Trim, Healthy Mama. You could use a regular tortilla, peanut butter, and chocolate chips to make it easier. I have been following Trim, Healthy Mama for awhile and I've see great results thanks to the no sugar, low carb lifestyle.

First, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on your tortilla. Then layer in the banana slices and chocolate chips, leaving one side clear. You could make a huge one, but it was just for me and I didn't think I'd be able to eat the whole thing. In that case, you would cover the entire tortilla and put another tortilla on top, like a traditional quesadilla.

Put your skillet on med. to med.-high, and melt half of the butter. You just need a little. Fold over the tortilla with the deliciousness inside.

Cook until browned. Add a little more butter, and flip it over. It browns pretty fast. Garnish with some sliced bananas and chocolate chips. Enjoy! My children wolfed it down and begged for more. Since they shared one that was folded over, I let my 7 year old make the next one. He did a great job!

Mmmmmm. So easy a 7 year old can make it. Yum.

Do you have any fantastic "quesadilla" recipes? Let me know in the comments if you make it! Tag me on Instagram with a pic! @clearcutcrystaldesigns

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