My $16 Sunburst Mirror

I've been longing for a sunburst something for a loooong time. Everyone had one but me, if you believe Pinterest. And I did. I yearned for a mirror in my ridiculously dark living room. I've complained mentioned the dark living room before here and here.

When you have a dark room, add mirrors. This will help bounce around what little light you do have.

I was browsing Hobby Lobby when I decided on a whim to start this project. I do not recommend this method, as that's how this became the 2 trips to Jo-Ann and 2 trips to Hobby Lobby project.

Supplies needed:
1 mirror, mine was 16" $4 at Jo-Ann (60% off coupon used)
6 packs of wooden dowels, 3 of the packs from Hobby Lobby for $3 each, coupons used
gold spray paint, already had on hand, but probably took more than 1/2 the can
glue sticks, already had on hand

Hobby Lobby did not have enough dowels, and I ended up running to Jo-Ann for them. I was so disappointed to discover they weren't exactly the same. They were pretty close, though.

First I used Scotch painter's tape to make a guide.

Then I used a hot glue gun and went to town. I watched a few episodes of my fave show and it went pretty fast...until I ran out of dowels. Three packs got it half done.

Then I ordered a Plate Hanger. Follow the directions, every little direction, before peeking to see if it adhered properly (ask me how I know this!).

The directions say to carefully wet the adhesive and rub it with your finger to bring up the glue. Allow it get tacky for a few minutes and then place it where you want it. It needs to dry for the full 24 hours before you test it.

I did not wait.

It came off partially, I re-wet it, waited another 24 hours. Much better. It hasn't crashed down yet! Any questions? I'll do my best to answer in the comments!

Paint all the things,

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I'm linking this up at Remodelaholic's Deck the Walls Link Party! I'm ridiculously inspired right now. 

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