5 Ways to Decorate on a Dollar Tree Budget

The Dollar Tree and I have been best buds lately. There are some gems and there are some definite duds. You have to really think about package sizes and quantity.

1. Cheap wall art! These mirrors makes me happy every time they catch my eye. $1 each and some vinyl from the ol' Cricut Explore.

I wanted something to brighten up this otherwise dull corner. When I saw this mirror at the Dollar Tree, I had to have it. I bought three of them, and after stepping on one, I was left with two...

This project makes me want to hop in my car RIGHT NOW and make it!

 I saved a fortune from a fortune cookie and framed it between 2 pieces of glass. LOVE. It was very hard to photograph without my reflection and that's the best one I got.

2. Cheap decor! Three succulent plants in a row add such symmetry and brighten up a dark area. Instant life. $1 each and I believe it's a seasonal item for the spring. I haven't seen them since.

 3. Cheap vases! All of the vases pictured below came from the Dollar Tree. I taped off part of the vase and spray painted the bottom half gold. It has held up very well considering it was on the dining table all fall. Just don't handle it much, because it would probably scratch easily.

4. Cheap florist materials. It's a little hard to see, but there's moss and other materials to put in the bottom of the vases. I love that section of the store because it changes so much from season to season.

5. Fun beach toys and so much more! I love the beach kits. Instead of Easter baskets, I usually use a bucket for my boys. I also stock up on glow sticks at all times for July 4th, cookouts, birthday gifts, etc.
Happy Shopping,

I'm linking this up with Remodelaholic's Deck the Walls Link Party! There's some serious inspiration over there!

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